Rodent blocker tip


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So first the advice then the long story.
Febrese Auto Freshener will get rid of pesky rodents that could chew up wiring and make nests in you project car in storage or in the field.
Now for the long story. I learned this one as i had picked up a project car from my uncle that came with a little furry passenger. I have a bad sense of smell but i could smell the rat “ODORS” when i opened the doors. So when i was beginning to work on this project i vacuumed up as much as i could and then pretty much emptied a bottle of febrese to the interior then let it sit for a week. The neighborhood cats had been all over this car up until this point and then suddenly moved over to my truck. The car still smelled like rat so it got another dose and left for another week. During that week i had ran an errand in my daily truck and had returned home. I was sitting in the drive way for a minute to respond to a text and sure as it is hot in Texas, a rat came out from under the hood and was walking on my door, it scurried back in when i moved the truck. I went inside the house and pondered, did a little research and then it clicked. The Febrese did not smell good to the rat and it possibly contained a chemical that is poisonous to it just like peppermint. I had a few ounces left of the febrese from the second dose i gave the car so i popped open my hood and sprayed in every nook and cranny i could find then did the same in the wheel wells. I walked back inside and grabbed a refreshment most drink after a hard day. Not five minutes into my beverage and i heard the neighborhood cats making a big commotion. I rested easy that night and the next morning as i was getting in my truck to head to work, i found the remains of what the cats left behind. I hope you enjoyed this little story and that it helps you with you current or future project. If you will excuse me now my daughter is making an “odor” that i have to handle now since mama bear is doing homework.