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The Ford Six Performance Forums exist to foster knowledge and understanding of performance improvements to the Ford Inline Six Engine. We are an open-minded group, but we do have a few rules. The forum was created to help you and your fellow members build your inline sixes. That's it, nothing more. If we can help you build your motor and keep it running properly, then we have succeeded. However, we do have a few social forums for your enjoyment.
  • The Lounge - for social and non-automotive topics
  • Gasoline Alley - for all general automotive topics.
Please keep in mind that we are a family-friendly message board, this is very important to remember while you post. The following is a list of posting rules and regulations, which exist to ensure you and your fellow inliners enjoy each and every visit to Ford Six Performance. We encourage you to share your experiences and knowledge, but most of all, HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines please send a message to forum administrator or one of our moderators. Thank you for your cooperation!

Forum Policies and Guidelines

Respect Your Fellow Members - Do not belittle, disparage, ridicule, or make fun of a fellow member. This includes name-calling, questioning people's integrity or knowledge in a disparaging way, or openly trashing some one's reputation online. Keep your post positive if at all possible, as negative comments do nothing but fuel the fire for bad relationships. Respect the opinions of others and avoid downgrading their opinions simply because you don't agree with them. Any member who denigrates a forum member based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation will be immediately ban from the forum.

Respect the Law, and the US Armed Forces - Any topic which denigrates an officer of the law, or our military personnel in anyway, will be promptly deleted. The responsible party will be suspended, and may be permanently ban from the forum, depending on the severity of the infraction. FordSix supports our Law Enforcement Agencies, even when we may not agree with their actions 100% of the time. I can't imagine our world without them. Please be respectful.

Respect the Moderators and the Admin - Do not attempt to circumvent any of the forum moderation. If a moderator edits or deletes all or part of your post, do not edit it back or publicly dispute the moderator's decision. Should you disagree with the editing, please address your concerns with that moderator via Private Message. Do not publicly slander the forum in an attempt to cause harm to the integrity or credibility, and/or those who moderate and manage the forum, as offenders will be immediately terminated with no questions asked.

Treat New Members With Kid Gloves - All new members will be treated with the same amount of respect as shown to long-standing members. Do not forget that you were once a newbie too. Allow them to post questions, and answer the questions, even if it has been asked a thousand times. If the information can be found in a Sticky or in a Tech Article on a member website or Tech Section, please provide the appropriate link. If you feel strongly about instructing a member to search through old topics, instead of answering the question, please tell them in a kind manner. Example: You can find that information by performing a search, or by reading the following Tech Article (link).

COMMENT: We love new members because they aspire to own a car like the one we've already built or are currently building. These people just want to hang out and pick our brains. If we could exchange beer here, they would even buy us a beer and sit and listen for hours about what we have to say. This is a good thing; let's encourage questions and comments, no matter how ridiculous or insignificant it may sound.

Verbal/Physical Threats and Harassment Threatening or harassing members, the moderators, or the admin in anyway, will not be permitted. Offenders may be suspended or immediately terminated, depending on the situation. Repeat offenders will be permanently ban. Remember we are an automobile forum, not a dating service, therefore we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly.

Soliciting Personal Information - Soliciting the real names, phone numbers, addresses, and/or e-mail addys, of other members, if that information has been entrusted to you, is not permitted. This is private information that must be kept private at all times, regardless of the situation. If you need to contact a member by means other than Private Messaging, please contact the forum Administration and we will attempt to contact the member for you, providing contact information has been given to us. We will never release private information to anyone for any reason what so ever. If you share your personal information in a thread or through Private Messages, you do so at your own risk.

Impersonations of Members or Staff - Impersonating other members, the moderators, or Admin is absolutely forbidden. One strike and you're out.

Profanity, Pornography, or Sexual Content - Posts with vulgar language, profanity, sexual content, or links to pornography on other websites, will be edited or deleted immediately. Discussing sexuality and/or sexual preference in any way, including jokes, is considered inappropriate. These are mature topics that do not belong in our forum. This includes quoting comments or jokes, which were posted by another member, on another website, or elsewhere. Remember we have young adults and children that visit our forum and read the threads with their parents. Offenders will be suspended or permanently ban from the forum, depending on the situation.

Religion, Race and Politics
- This site is dedicated to Inline Ford Sixes, not politics or religion. Topics on Race and Religion are strictly prohibited and will be immediately deleted upon discovery. Political topics are permitted, as long as they have to do with regulation which affects our automobile interestes. But keep in mind, they will be closely scrutinized. And while political topics are permitted, religious topics are not, therefore you may not refer to religion in anyway when discussing politics. No Exceptions. Please see Town Square Rules & Regulations for more information and clarity. Membership is by permission only and must be approved by the Town Square Group Leader.

COMMENT: It's way too easy to hurt some one's feelings when discussing life issues such as religion, political views, and/or the color of some one's skin or ethic background. Let's keep it civil and friendly. We are a diverse culture and this forum should reflect that. We are all inline fanatics and that's what should matter the most.

COMMENT: Topics requesting Prayer Chains for those who are ill, under stress, depressed, suffering, having personal issues, etc, are not considered religious in nature. While these are permitted, please use caution in what you post, ensuring it is not offensive in nature.

Vendor Relations and Experiences - Please try and resolve product problems with vendors before "venting" on the site. Venting may sound harmless, but can create ill feelings to parties that are involved. Only the parties DIRECTLY involved in a vendor/customer interaction are welcome to post about the experience. Fellow members with useful suggestions based on solid FACTS, remedies, and solutions, rather than personal opinions and personal attitudes, may also respond. Be careful and mindful of what you post, as slander is not permitted.

COMMENT: There is value in sharing experiences where the sharing brings a swift end to a real problem someone else is having. What is oh-so hateful and destroying in forums is when people with hate in their hearts and foul agenda's reply and it becomes useless gossip and innuendo, then it becomes childishness. I don't think it has to be too cumbersome to police. I think we are a mature group of people who want to keep our little serene (usually) post-haven a fun place to frequent.

Advertising - While Personal Classified Ads (selling used parts) are permitted in the appropriate forums, Commercial Advertising (advertising for profit - whether personal or as a business) is strictly prohibited, unless it is pre-approved by the forum administrator prior to posting. This includes comments and/or links which are posted for the purpose of promoting 3rd Party websites and/or services, and/or driving traffic to other websites. ANY and ALL Classified Ads will be promptly deleted without notice. This includes advertisements and/or comments within a post or in your signature. A no tolerance policy is in effect.

Private Messaging - By agreeing to the forum rules and regulations, you also agree not to use the Private Message feature of this forum in an attempt to over-ride the rules and regulations. Doing so will result in the suspension or revocation of your registration and membership.

Member Privacy - While an email address is required to register, your email address are kept private at all times and are never shared or given to other members, or 3rd party persons or businesses, under any circumstances. If you want to converse with another member privately, we recommend using the Private Messaging feature, however you can email them using the Email button in their profile or post. Note that their email address is hidden, in an effort to keep email address private. However when you send them an email, they will have your email address, and you will have theirs if and when they respond to your email. This is why we recommend using the Private Messaging feature whenever possible. Also note that SPAMMING is strictly forbidden, regardless of how it's done (by posting, private message, or email). Any and all violators will be banned from the forum indefinitely.

Image Posting - SEE Photo Sharing, Photo Signatures & Avatars

Reporting Abuse or How to Complain If you have a complaint about the forum, one of our members, or something that is posted, please contact one of the moderators of that forum or the site admin via private message or e-mail. Give complete and accurate details about your problem or concern. Please refrain from heightening the situation with participation. When reporting abuse, be sure to copy-and-paste the members User Name in your report. Include the link (the complete URL of your browser) to the offensive thread or post, and give a detailed account of your observations and interactions. When ever feasible, please include a possible solution to your concern, as this may help resolve the issue in a timely fashion. Do not react to the offensive behavior in the forums, as the moderators and/or administrator will handle the matter once you bring it to their attention. After reviewing the topic we may request the user to edit the post, or it may be edited or deleted by a moderator/admin if deemed necessary. If a moderator is unable to resolve your complaint, please contact the site admin for additional assistance.

While every attempt is made to keep members happy, we understand that sometimes things don't always work out. If you wish to be 'removed' from the system voluntarily, here is what will happen.

1. Your Username, personal details and email address will be deactivated/changed.
2. Content you have submitted will be retained. Any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be edited/removed from posts/threads as found and as time allows.

Please understand we do not necessarily want to delete threads or posts since doing so is disruptive to the wider continuity/cohesiveness of threads, posts and discussions.

1. FSP reserves the right to delete any post that violates the above rules, or that we deem as offensive in nature.
2. FSP reserves the right to remove your posts if it is threatening, denigrating, sexually orientated, or offensive in nature.
3. FSP reserves the right to suspend or delete your membership and/or issue a permanent ban from the forum for violating the above rules and regulations.
4. FSP reserves the right to reprint any post or image (along with the posters User Name) from the forum, on other FSP web properties. However, credit will be given to the original poster when ever possible.
5. The views expressed in posts on FSP are those of the member posting and do not necessarily reflect the views of FSP, the moderators, the administration, or other FSP web properties.
6. Classified ads may be posted on FSP, however if you buy, sell or trade anything on FSP, you do so at your own risk. FSP and/or other FSP web properties are not liable for what is sold or traded by forum members.

FordSix Performance respects the First Amendment and all other Amendments that the Second Amendment defends. However, the FSP forums are private property and as such, we request that members adhere to all forum policies. It is a contract agreed to by all who become registered members of FordSix Performance Forums.
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