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I have recently been doing some interior mods. First the white face gage decals (which worked out awesome) and now the seat extensions. At 6'3" and 270 I have alwasy considered it a TOTAL PAIN getting in and out of the car. Driving is worse. When not on the clutch, my left foot is constantly hitting the window crank, pony door handle and the steering wheel, all at the same time. I have already shortened the turn singal lever 2" so I wouldn't turn it on when letting out the clutch. To make matters worse, I have kick panel speakers and that means less clearance to get the foot off the clutch to the floor and back on again. (This is probably why they made automatics!) Same for hi-beams.

So I sat and thought and came up with a way to modify my seat location , moving it back 2" with no welding, removing the carpet or adding an extra box on the floor pans (seen in another post) The design is based on a set of rails with the same 5/15-18 x 2" posts. These rails fit directly under the stock track system for a 64-66 mustang seat track. (Like those tracks the rails are universal for left or right seat) The height is only 1/4" higher but you get two full inches in the rear direciotion. No changes in the seat action and installation is faster than washing your car. (1) Just take the seat out of the car (2) add the rails and cut off the old studs (3) re-install seat in car to original mounting holes. 1/2hr to 45 mins work total using a wrench and hacksaw. Absolutely no inteference with the seat adjustment level or springs. (Remember you are not removing the seat from the original tracks!

I will be adding pictures shortly to the car domain website so check there in a week or two. Right now it's tool damn cold to layout in the garage floor and do this. if anyone is interested, I would be willing to make a set of rails complete for $30 and shipping. You need a check/money order, hacksaw and 1 wrench to own a set and do the installation. Let me know so I can plan for materials. (I need to layout, cut, drill, mill, tap and paint.

Please let me know what you think. If you have to go back to stock...then a new seat track will be needed,(cuz you cut off the posts on the old one)...but a set from me will come ready to go on and painted gloss black.

Give a few weeks, but if you are interested...let me know via PM.



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Unexpected warm the braces are finished and in the is out....watching paint dry...then pix, installation, more pix and posted them on the Cardomain website. Click the link to view.
I have been searching for the seat track extenders everywhere and was wondering if you were still making and selling them. I saw in your post that you have a pair for $30. Can you please let me know if you are still doing this because I need to get a set for a car we are restoring. I appreciate your help! Thank you!
Becky @ Northcoast Mustang Supply


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Hi Becky,

Price has gone up some, but only $10....So its $40 plus shipping. send me you contact info in a PM and we can finalize how many you need, leave your private email and where to ship them to. I have sold 5 so far. All owners are happy, no complaints no return...So I have to break down my current setup to drill and mill these out again.