slanting a 300


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A local gentleman successfully campaigned a slanted 300 powered sprint car in the ‘70s, and has been building and machining 300s ever since.

I think it involved a home built dry sump pan and Hilborn injection.

He’s currently machining and balancing my 300 and I wouldn’t want anyone else doing the work.

Competition Services in Crossfield Alberta.


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That a long ways from Rising Star
:D So is Dunedin, New Zealand.

You need to do some more home work.

Research and copy either my, CoupeBoy or 67Straightsix's adaptor's for your gearbox.


Engine mounts are easy.

Look at any Slant six 225 from a Plymouth Valiant, and copy the engine mounts.

Take a lesson form Ford. Ford are the masters of production engineering Anything to fit Anything.

If Ford can fit a 427 FE into a unibody ThunderBolt Fairlane, AC Cobra, or a 1967 Mustang,
Or a 4.6 or 5.4 Quad Cam Modular engine into a GT40, then you can make anything work if you have a want to.

Examples of Ford Six cylinder slants.

Ford Argentina slanted the triple carb 187 engine as the TC 3000 prototype in 1967.
Ford Australia slanted the 250 engine with a 5 degree tilt in 1971 to clear the Dana axle in the XY Falcon 4 X 4 four wheel drive pick-up.
The Diesel Foxes (the LSC and Continental Mark Whatever of 1984-1985 with the BMW L code M21 Diesel six)


In my protoype 229 slant six super charged engine in 2004, I got an FMX gearbox, and re-indexed the bellhousing.

It was just a standard Borg Warner T10 blot pattern, and Chevrolet in the wacky F body 1981-1993 T5 installs did that kind of 10 or 17 degree tilt Borg Warner stuff all the time to get the shifter pointing to the driver.

In some Ford Auto gearboxes, the bellhousing to main planetary case can be advanced or clocked forward and back one bolt set to make it a Slant Six. On most Ford gearboxes, the plantery gear case is held with six or in the Explorer Bordeux geaboxes, 8 bolts.

The pan fill C4/C5, 5 bolts. If you clock the bell housing to transmission bolts one bolt, that 51 or 45 degrees right there.

The C4, FMX, and the cut off AOD conversion by Lentech allow you to tilt the engine one bolt set. Lentech even clocked the stock un cut AOD geabox 12.5 degrees on its big block FE/429-460 adaptors to use the stock flexplates.

Find the right auto or Four or Five speed transmission


And count the transmission main case bolts.




Then drop saw off the case, and re-index.

You can use automatic gearbox bellhousings to hold manual gearbox parts to allow the engine to be slanted.


If that all sounds too hard, you can just grap some steel or alloy plate, and make up a 5/8" plate to repitch the engine to gearbox relationship.

I made up some adaptors years ago for David in Huston, who was putting an X flow 250 into his Ecconoline van.




Longer Caterpiller bolts


Very much like the GM F bodies, the whole AOD, or FMX or C5 could be pitched 5 degrees to suit.

67Straightsix had the same issue with his little low mount 200 and low mount T5 adaptor.


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I found a company in SoCal that makes custom aluminium flywheels. It showed up today and so far I'm very pleased. They added 1/4" to the overall height to compensate for the thickness of the adaptor plate, so no spacer is needed between the flywheel and crank. I had them leave the bolt holes blank - I'll drill those this week and then mount the flywheel to the engine :beer: I weighed my original flywheel and the new one - new one is 8lbs lighter! Thanks for all the input - very appreciated.

Here's a picture of my adaptor (can you spot what happens when I get in a hurry?)


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I have read a few post with hints of slanting a 300. Any input or people who have done this or photos.
I know other racers have done this to get a straighter shot from the carb(s) to the intake valves. What is your reason for wanting to try slanting? Hood clearance? Weight bias? Other?


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Had dodge slant 6 liked the look. I thought it give more room for a turbo an balanced intake. They put old offys over 45 degrees!


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Went to the local Ford dealer car show couple weeks ago lots of nice cars and trucks. There was an early full rendered Model T pickup that really caught my eye for a number of reasons first it had a Supercharged 427 SOHC Ford V8 stuffed into it so that the hood closed too (I used to have one these engines back in the day). it was titled 45 degrees so that the driver side head was setting up vertical. When I first looked at it I thought they had swapped the head onto a inline 4 cylinder block, as I looked it over some more closely I could see the other head was under the frame parael to the ground. Took some pictures of it if I can get them off my phone.

Anyway slanting a Ford 300 shouldn't be that hard if you can make the front mounts, a custom intake manifold, a block plate, and a slanted wet sump oil pan. Good luck (y) :nod:


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All you have to do is move the oil pickup in the pan did it in a lsr car never had a problem at 7500rpm for 1.3 miles.


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benchracer":ukz7ir7e said:
I have read a few post with hints of slanting a 300. Any input or people who have done this or photos.
benchracer":ukz7ir7e said:
Had dodge slant 6 liked the look. I thought it give more room for a turbo an balanced intake. They put old offys over 45 degrees!
If you are serious here is the rear plate dimensions so you can make an adapter plate between the engine and transmission so the engine can lay over.
The hole for the dowel is .501" and the bolt holes are 7/16"
One pattern on the plate will be straight up as shown for the transmission and the second pattern is rotated over for the engine for how many degrees slant you want.
The three mounting holes on each side of the plate is if you want to use the plate to mount the engine.
You will need to make a spacer for the crankshaft the same thickness as the plate.


Take the stock oil pan and cut the passenger side along with the front and back and bend the driver side to match the engine angle.
Weld in sheet metal to make up three sides that where cut.
Modify the oil pump pickup to reach within 3/8" of the bottom of the oil pan sump.


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Thank you I was reading a old post 300 hop up were you ask if he was going to slant the 300 that go the topic going.


There is considerable precedent for 'slanting' inline Fords' , maybe some insight or tips if researched:
Legendary Falcon six powered "Philson Falcon". is a purpose built track car with a Ford 144 six layed over like a slant six and supposed 9K rev limit.

have fun

Built by machinist and USAC tech inspector Norbert Philson in 1959, the Philson-Falcon features a tubular ladder frame of Philson's design and a considerably reworked Ford Falcon six-cylinder engine fed by three SU carburetors. The special is owned by Charles Bordin of Scarsdale, New York.