Spring perches


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I am in the process of replacing a bunch of my suspension parts but getting to the point where I should consider getting some spring perches, IIRC my original perches use a greaseable bronze bushing and I've heard from others that these are superior to most replacement rubber bushing ones. Should I just reuse my originals and clean them up and maybe replace the rubber insulating pads on them or would it be worth while to get new ones anyway?


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If your talking about the lower spring / shock mounts, and the orginals are still in good condition yes then use them they are better then the rubber bushing types for performance driving use. The only better ones are to use the roller spring conversion kit. If you just want lower maintance i.e. not needing to grease them and for regular street driving then the rubber ones are a good way to go. This is the only reason Ford started useing the rubber bushings it was for less cost and less Maintance. Save the originals though and if you want to sell them people like me will be interested in them for a perforance build up. Good luck on your rebuild :nod: