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The CII pump is fine, until it starts squealing, then its toast. The big advantage of the saginaw is its higher flow rate. Makes for easier turning, especially with 3ft tall tires.

The normal swap method is to use hoses for your year and engine in an econoline. All gas v8s use the same pressure hose, which also works for v-belt 300s. Serpentine has the pimp mounted higher and may need a longer line.


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Is there a bracket modification needed to use the Saginaw pump?

On the serpentine 4.9, you need the Saginaw pump bracket. It looks similar from a distance, but the cradle for the pump is very different.

Also, the 2 bottom bolts are a different length. You can grab them when you take off the pump, or possibly get them at a local hardware store.


i once mounted a vickers hydraulic pump in the cll bracket. but you cannot fir a saginaw in there.
there was once a fellow who built brackets that could convert the cll bracket to saginaw.