Synthetic type F power steering fluid?


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Hey guys,

I have been having problems with my power steering gear leaking now that it is cold outside. Everything was fine this summer, but the other day it was 0 out and I had to drive my truck to work. A lot of fluid leaked on that day and now it leaks all of the time no matter the temp out. I did replace all the seals before installing the box so they are about 4 months old.

I thought maybe my junkyard steering gear had moisture in it, so I flushed it out with clean fluid again. No change really.

I’m assuming the seals have been slightly ruined so I have a new set to put in.

The ultimate fix is probably going to be installing a redhead PS gearbox that is machined for bearings and helps hold the main shaft steady.

I’m wondering if anyone has used synthetic type F ATF in their steering gear? Maybe it wouldn’t be so thick in the cold and put less pressure on the seals?


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If that pump gas any slop (extra play over factory spec) in the front bushing then the seals won't last very long. Best of luck (y) :nod: