Time for an upgrade

Hi y'all,

I've had my '96 ford ranger since I was 20 and sad to say it's time for a new truck. I'm looking at either a new Ranger or base model used F150. Outside of the obvious cab space and towing capacity, anyone have thoughts on the two or experience with the new rangers?
I appreciate any and all recommendations


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I bought an 08 F350 XL with a 5.4L for a song a while back. Manual trans, transfer case, windows, locks, and 4x4 lockouts. Does have AC and cruise control. I like it. Its newer, yet doesnt have all the frills and electrics that can fail.

I have upgraded a few interior parts to higher levels. Put new mirrors on, etc. Many of the newer fords past 97 can be upgraded from nicer models in the JY pretty cheaply. I added a trailer brake and outfitter switches for $20. And they just clip right in. Most all of the trucks use the same wiring harness too, so all the plugs are there already, even if you dont have a trailer brake or 12v aux port currently.

If looking at a 5.4L, look for 2009 and newer. They have the upgraded spark plug design that doesnt break. Late 2008 engines got this too. Look for brown coil boots vs black.