Under-hood Theft Prevention

Hello Fordsix Folks,

I've got a '61 Falcon and recently discovered just how shady people can be when my battery was stolen while parked overnight in my neighborhood (in a spot I've parked many times before with no issues). I knew the hood could be opened from the outside but just never really thought I'd have to worry about someone jacking stuff from under the hood.

Anyhow, racking my brain for several days after the incident to think of a way to prevent this, I found that all of my initial ideas would not work on this early car (interior cable release, chain/bike lock, locking hasp on hood/radiator support). Eventually, I came up with a solution that I'm very pleased with and thought I should share it with people here because it was cheap ($10), very effective, and very easy to do.

In short, I drilled two holes on both sides of the bracket/sheet metal that surrounds the release handle and latch mechanisms in order to install a long-schackle padlock above the release handle. When installed, the lock prevents any movement of the release handle, thus preventing it from pushing down to unlatch the hood latch. The lock is tucked up underneath the hood overhang and you can't see it at all when looking at the front of the car. It's also tight in the sheet metal and against the hood and handle, so it'll be very hard to cut or saw (without major time, noise and hood mangling) but loose enough and with enough room to very easily unlock and pull out or reinstall.

Unfortunately, I don't have a public photo hosting account online, so I can't link to photos but if anyone wants to see them or get a more detailed description, I can send via message.

Hope this helps anyone who has theft issues or needs a hood lock solution. I'm not sure what the latches are like on other model years but this is perfect for my '61 Fordor Sedan.



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How about fitting the bonnet with the hood pin kit. When you leave it over night or in a place you have an issue with just swap the hood pins for keyed alike padlocks. Other wise fit a switch that blows the horn if the bonnet is opened.
Cool23: I like the sound of your horn switch, that would be a good deterrent and has the benefit of comical value (imaging the surprised thief).

If I was going to build a car that looked good w/pins and it made sense to have them, your idea would work well. I prefer the stock look on this car though, so hiding a lock underneath is perfect for me. Good alternative for those who have or plan to install hood pins.