Wanted V8 car to straight 6 conversion


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Ok my kid got his first car , 65 stang originally a v8 3 speed car , but came with no motor or transmission.
Picked up a 144/3speed for 250$ with almost everything I need . Coming up short on floor shifter for the transmission. Trans was 3 on the tree . Tail housing doesn’t have mounting bolts , and I can’t seem to find a tail housing with mounting bolts that’s 15 3/4” long … ok oh well . But I deff need a straight 6 zbar and straight 6 throttle linkage for the fire wall .

I’m in Sacramento ca willing to pay shipping . Thanks


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I have a 3-speed Ford OEM floor shifter for a Mustang / Maverick if that will help you. I'll take $30 for it. Pics available on request.


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Ok . I may have located a solution but if that doesn’t pan out I will deff take you up on that . This tailhousing doesn’t have any mounting bolts . So it has deff turned into a headache for me


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I’d reconsider the z bar, mine is a pain. I’m planning on a cable conversion, but probably not soon enough, and I‘m unsure a 67 z bar would work in a 65. I can see if I have mine from my 64 falcon, that’s probably a better fit. I’d let you have the tranny too, undoubted needs a rebuild. I’ll have to check on which tranny it is.