Well i guess ill kick this off


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So like many car guys i have several projects in mind. I currently own (second owner) a 2012 ecoboost. Its the family daily driver for now and once some money gets freed up we wife is gonna get a 4 door f150 for herself. When that happen and i can start playing around with this truck, im gonna turn her into the truck i had in high school. The pictures of the obs are ones i found while surfing the market place soni have something to go off of when i take it to a paint shop, and the picture of my truck is one i printed out and colored in just to get an idea of what it would look like... well i found out shortly after that the diesel bros had already done the look... oh well still gonna do it... then the next phase will be to get the borla turbo upgrade kit which would put me into the 500+hp range and right around 700 ftlbs of torque... she would end up being the way i wanted my truck in high school to always be like...


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