Will Trade or Sell new dual Clifford w/ Webers

I have a dual Clifford intake with 2 Webers, the one on the Clifford website for 1500+.
Maybe has 1000± miles on it since engine build. Functions perfect, just not a dual set-up savvy guy.
Want to trade for a single 4 Clifford or Offy with a Carter/Edelbrock 600. Manual or electric doesn`t matter.
Also open to $ offers if it can cover the cost of above.


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I have a single 4V Offy or Clifford I will trade. Plus I have some Holley 4Vs - a 600 and a 480. I do not have a Carted/Edelbrock carb. I would be willing to swap manifolds sans carbs if you prefer. PM me if interested.