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Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

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Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #1 by falcon_master » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:14 pm

Hey everyone. Hope all is well for everyone. Well remember how I said I was going to trailer my bird down. Yeah about that family change in plans has made that not possible. The clutch on the tow truck has gone out and cannot be up and running I time with our busy schedule. I can not afford to rent another vehicle or pay for my friends gas to pull it. So that means back to plan B and drive it 600 miles down. Let’s go down the list what this has done do it

What is done to it
1.all new brake shoes,hardware,MC and WCs
2.oil change in engine and tranny going to fill diff fluid up
3.repacked front bearings
4.electrinic ignition (pertronix) with old points as backup
5.all new tires
6.rebuilt carb
7. New water pump and rad hoses
8. New spark plugs and wires

Problems I’m having
1.isnt running quite perfect still a slight stumble on accel
2.headlights just turn off sometimes for no reason and a few minutes later come back on after repeated turn on and off idea on condition of clutch or engine bearings
4. IGN. Switch not working and now it came apart instrument cluster not working (how do I rig this to work)
5. Massive rust hole in passenger rear floor pan

My question, is this an insane idea to drive it. I have driven this route before, I know how to drive and now how to roadside repair, I need to fix ign switch to actually work starter and instrument cluster (right now I touch the starter solenoid ire’s together to start and ign switch is on a toggle switch under dash) but besides that she’s pretty well great compression no rattles or thumps. Thanks everyone.
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tune up, only REAL import if Too Lean on trip

Post #2 by chad » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:28 pm

H2O pump/hoses replace - U flushed the system, added new 50/50 mix?

No locations in ur sig & I forgot (AR to CO?)
So - going over mntns? Need clear heater core?

When U gathered suggestions (B4 settling on a carry or tow)
some seemed to B '"top speed 65, no higher" & I still subscribe to that.
A 'chase vehicle' or that 1 person who said they'd B avail for a call 'last 1/2
of the trip' is still something to assure as back up.

'Stoppin' & 'keep goin' R the important on long trips. Glad U greased the w. bearings, any drive train U-joints.
Course the headlghts if drivin @ nite, but you can chase poor grounds (& involvement w/ign switch) the whole time between now and when U have to leave...

"What is the longest continuous drive you have made?"
"Yep, that 2hr shakedwn cruze is a test, trial, real good idea.
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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #3 by B RON CO » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:59 pm

I can tell you that you need a new headlight switch. It is common for thehe Ford switch to fail that way.
It is heating up and when it overheats it shuts off, and comes back on after it cools off. It is acting like a circiut breaker.
If worse comes to worse, and I've done this myself, you can rig your headlights right to the battery, hopefully with a fuse, just to get through the night. I had to rig it with a couple of spade connectors to a hot wire and to a ground. Not pretty but we didn't have a switch, and we made it.
Good luck
B RON CO. Still workin' on it!

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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #4 by ags290 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:51 pm

I know that you are excited about getting the car home but I really think that driving it that far without a good shake down is asking for trouble. I know that you are on a tight budget, but if you don't have gas money for your buddies truck to haul you down there and get himself back home how are you going to pay for a break down on the road if you were to have one? Knowing how to fix things and having everything you need to fix things on the side of the road are two completely different scenarios. I agree with the previous post about the headlight switch being the most likely cause for your headlights going out. The question is what else are you going to find along the way?

How many total miles have you driven the car where it is now? What is the longest continuous drive you have made? Have you priced what a tow truck bill is? In Dallas they are $125.00 for the pick up and the first ten miles. Then a mileage charge after that. Believe me I understand that it would be an adventure to drive the old bird home in triumph and you probably would be fine. The question is what will you do if something arises along the way?

It's not what you want to hear, but it's the advice that I would give my own son.

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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #5 by Max_Effort » Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:57 pm

I’d be going for it. 600 miles isn’t much. Seems you’ve taken care of the major stuff.

Problems I’m having

1.isnt running quite perfect still a slight stumble on accel

Probably accelerator pump. It won’t stop you. Try advancing the timing a bit, that may help
2.headlights just turn off sometimes for no reason and a few minutes later come back on after repeated turn on and off
headlight switch $15 at rock auto idea on condition of clutch or engine bearings
if the clutch is ok now and the engine is quiet, it’s going to be fine for 600 more miles.
4. IGN. Switch not working and now it came apart instrument cluster not working (how do I rig this to work)
ign switch is $13 at rock auto.
You can just plug it in and then turn it with a screwdriver If you don’t want to mess with the lock cylinder.
Or just use two wires to hot wire.
Crimp two wires into one spade terminal, then a spade onto each end (making a “Y”) put the spade with two wires into the batt hot socket of the plug. One end to the ign socket and touch the other to start socket to start. Or get fancy with a couple toggles.

5. Massive rust hole in passenger rear floor pan
lay a piece of sheet metal over the hole and a floor mat on top of it.

Make sure it’s charging the battery.
Go for a good shakedown run on the highway.
Bring tools, spare fluids, jumpers, a charged battery or jump pack, cell phone and phone battery pack.
Travel with a friend or with another car. Take it nice and easy. Listen to the car, not earbuds or a sound system.

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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #6 by Econoline » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:34 pm

Know the brakes, tires and bearings are good and drive that car. Your grandad didn't stay home b/c his horse might throw him. He knew his horse and had faith for anything beyond his control.
It ain't gonna fix itself

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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #7 by 62Cometman » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:49 pm

if you havent checked them yet make sure the belts are in good condition, your covering all your fluids that is good, since this will pretty much be all hwy or interstate driving i wouldnt be too worried about the clutch as once its engaged itll be that way for miles and miles, something that noone else mentioned that i would be worried about especially on a longer trip is a functioning and accurate fuel gauge so you know when you need to fuel up or when your getting low, you probably dont have an accurate idea on what kind of MPG this engine will get at the moment so the gauge is gonna be important. Everything else has been said but it cant be stressed enough how important a shakedown run would be for this car. id say hour and a half to 2 hours minimum even if its just driving the same 2 mile span of road back and forth but make sure you get it up to the 60-65 mph and try to get it there and hold it steady for about 30 min to really test the system. That will make sure your cooling system fuel system power train all of it is up to snuff.
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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #8 by bubba22349 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:02 pm

With the broken ignistion switch it maybe a likely cause of the dash gauges not working. Would probally be worth it to replace that ignistion switch otherwise a cheap set of accessory gauges could be installed to give you enough info to keep track of all the engine functions except for the fuel gauge. Another cause of the dash gauges not working is the small voltage regulator located on the back of the gauge panel. A working oil gauge would also give you the info about your engines bearing condition.

Add to your list a good spare wheel / tire, working jack, lug wrench and couple of blocks wood to use as wheel chocks. If you haven't changed a tire before you might want to do a couple practices before you hit the road. Maybe also carry an extra quart or two of oil, and a safe gas can of 1 to 3 gals along with your jumper cables and basic tool set. Good luck and have fun with that Falcon. :thumbup: :nod:
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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #9 by wsa111 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:38 pm

On the headlight switch. A 69 Mustang has 4 headlights. See if that switch will fit your car. I believe the circuit breaker has a higher amp rating than a 2 headlight application. Rock Auto uses the same part# for each year. Another option is install a new switch for your application. Check all headlight wiring. Remember ohm's law, higher resistance requires more amps.
Or to be safe you can always run a relay.
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Re: Bad change of plans. Ideas on tune up

Post #10 by Max_Effort » Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:19 pm

I hate to be that guy, but less resistance is more current (amps).

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