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Seat Covers - Vinyl

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Seat Covers - Vinyl

Post #1 by addo » Sat Nov 23, 2002 5:39 am

OK, I'm asking for my mate Dan. He's got a '67 Falcon sedan with medium metallic blue seat covers, and the front one is needing renewal.

Can you get these in authentic grain, weight of vinyl, and colour? Not to mention stitching! Who from? TMI only do Mustang stuff. What kind of price am I looking at? (I arrange stuff like this for him, cos he's a good mate, and people have ripped him off before.)

Any ideas, guys?

Thanks, Adam.


Post #2 by Guest » Sat Nov 23, 2002 1:19 pm

The only company that I know makes them and sells NOS sets is Original Falcon Interiors (OFI). Their website is I know some here have had a few unpleasant experiences with them, but I have not. If there is a material that they do not have, they will refer you to someone else (or at least they did me).

Other places to look for just the vinyl are SMS Auto Fabrics ( and Original Auto Interiors ( I'm not sure if they will make the seat cover for you or not, but you can purchase the vinyl and have OFI sew it up like it originally was. **A word of caution about SMS and Original Auto: check and compare the samples they send you to the originals very carefully. I don't know how the vinyl was made in the '67s, but in my '64 it has a felt-like backing - very strong and durable. These 2 places sent cheap repro. vinyl that was very thin and a different color and sheen. But, they will argue with you all day that it is NOS vinyl! ha! The sample I got from OFI was perfect - exactly like it should be.

It will take some digging, but just be very familiar with what you need and how it originally was. I'm still digging to find a source for 1 of the 3 different vinyls on the '64 standard seat covers. I've found everything but that. Hopefully, I'll come across it soon.

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Post #3 by rbohm » Sun Nov 24, 2002 4:35 am

8) you can also try they carry seat covers for a number of fords.
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