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Small Six Tech (sticky's)

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Small Six Tech (sticky's)

Post #1 by AzCoupe » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:09 am

We were getting so many STICKY's that I decided to condense them into one thread. If you come across a good topic that should be added to the list, just post a request below. Make sure you include the topic title and the link. Then one of the moderators can check it out and add to the list if they agree with the recommendation. When the list starts to get to long, I'll categorize the topics. Thanks.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can use the search function at the top of the page. Just type in a few of the key words, then hit the search button. Chances are you'll find your answer, as our data base of old topics is huge.

You can also check out the Tech Section on Classic Inlines' website, which has a great selection of articles pertaining to the small six. Plus were always adding new ones. Magazine Articles are also a good source of information.

Weber Reference Table - Work In Progress

Flow testing the "log" heads

Small Six Head Swap

Pre-68 Load-O-Matic - How it operates

Manifold vs Ported Vacuum

Rocker Arm Shaft Oiling hints

Modifying a Carter Super Pump

How the Spark Control Valve (SCV) Works

Holley/Weber 32/36 Jetting Tips

Duraspark II Conversion

Modify the DSII for Better Mileage

2V Dyno Results - Part 1 & 2

2V Dyno Results - Part 3 & 4

Pictures of Throttle cable set up??

Small Six Identification?

New Exhaust Products

Arvinode Exhaust Systems
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Re: Small Six Tech (sticky's)

Post #2 by chad » Wed May 18, 2011 9:40 pm

Great idea, Mike. Thanks! No wonder you're a moderator! Really like the 'topics' U selected...

'Course I'd like one bout (TOPIC) swapin the 250 into a Bronco ('66 - '77). I'll look up all the threads if U know it'll be 'accepted'.
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Chad - '70 LUEB on '77 frame (i.e. PS, D44, trapezoidal BB 9", 4.11), 250, NV 3550 & DSII to B transplanted, "T" D20/PTO, 2" SL, 1" BL, 4 discs, 33"X15", tool boxes, etc. Seeking: Hydraulic gear motor for Koenig pto. (413) 259-1749

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