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Shoulder 3 point seat bels for a 68 mustang coupe

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Shoulder 3 point seat bels for a 68 mustang coupe

Post #1 by falcon1963 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:03 pm

Whats available for front seat belts, 3 point shoulder harness type for a 68 mustang. Thanks

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Re: Shoulder 3 point seat bels for a 68 mustang coupe

Post #2 by rbohm » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:51 pm

8) check out national parts depot, they have a three point seat belt conversion for the early stangs.
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Re: Shoulder 3 point seat bels for a 68 mustang coupe

Post #3 by Frankenstang » Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:11 pm

I copied Mustang Geezer's install method (mounting high point at top of door post) using some 3-point "Autoloc" brand retractables bought off install is basically just like these illustrations from "Wesco".... ... nstall.htm
EDIT: except used the angle bracket for the retractor mount at the rocker/floor and no special bracket needed for the buckle at the hump

The Autoloc kit came with most the basic hardware, but did not have the angle brackets for the floor...those can be pricey individually, but sells them rather inexpensively (thanks to the tip from Vinman...he mounted his upper pulley/anchor at the roof line instead of at the top of the door post in his '67). Seatbeltsplus has entire kits as does Summit IIRC... ... sions.html

The angle brackets are made by 'Beam' :?: Very heavy gauge and cadmium coated, unfortunately the rest of the hardware in the bracket kit was not cadmium coated, but reg zinc...Picked up some heavy gauge cadmium fender washers from Napa and grade 8 hardware from the local ACE to finish it off. Couple holes in the floor for the angle brackets and a couple holes in the top of the door post finished it off (re-used both original mounting on rocker for fixed forward point of retractable, one on hump for the buckle). Including belt kits and hardware the whole thing cost less than $100 (belts were crazy cheap via fleabay...tradeshow stock). These work well with my late model seat. Good luck :thumbup:
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Re: Shoulder 3 point seat bels for a 68 mustang coupe

Post #4 by ludwig » Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:52 pm

I got ones like that. The top anchor point is at the upper corner of the door frame, just like these. They have ones that mount the upper anchor to the rear deck lid or firewall with a loooooooong belt through the back seat.

Best price I found a few years ago was Virginia Mustang. They were half of what Classic Car Stereo was asking and it was the same belt setup. I believe CCS was the company that first came out with them.

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