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67 driveshafts

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67 driveshafts

Post #1 by ranch67 » Mon May 11, 2015 1:03 pm

i'm in process of converting six to 302.
i came upon a driveshaft from a 67 with 289 at a swap meet.
after taking many measurements comparing the two, i found that the six shaft is just about 1/8" longer than the V8 version.
and my six diameter is 3" just like the v8. which according to mustang tek site, that is incorrect. it should be 2-3/4"
my yoke was a ford replacement part from something else, so its not exact for the year. but is just about 2-1/4" shorter than the v8 yoke.
both the yokes are 28 spline typical for this year application for C4's.
the u-joints are just about the same size and both utilitze the 1-1/8" larger size for the u-bolt to pinion on the rearend.
and, both driveshafts weigh the same at just about 17lbs each.
what does all this mean?
well, if you want to swap driveshafts for 67 and possibly a 68, you could do it by swapping out the trans yoke. verify your tube is 3" diameter (for automatic with the soundproof liner).
might save you some coin, as i've learned after i spent $90 for the v8 driveshaft complete. i still need to purchase replacement u-joints.
replacement yokes for v8's are $100. mine still looks good with minimal wear.

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Re: 67 driveshafts

Post #2 by mustang6 » Mon May 11, 2015 3:58 pm

For 67-8, six cylinder driveshafts for cars with automatic transmissions were the same as small block V-8. Only 67-8 six cylinder cars with manual transmissions still used the smaller driveshaft/u-joints used in 65-6.

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