I need a Mav 6, 4 lug rear end

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I need a Mav 6, 4 lug rear end

Post #1 by 60s Refugee » Thu May 29, 2008 9:17 am

Anybody out there got an 8" Maverick rear axle. I need it with 4 lugs if possible. I need it goodly.

I'm an old "Baby Boomer" who fell in love with Mustangs from the very first time I saw one in a photo (I was 14). Never thought I'd want a six cylinder though! I'm finding that I knew a lot less about these engines than I thought I did...probably because of all those brain cells I killed in the sixties. I am also a Vietnam combat vet. I lost my right arm there on April 15, 1970.

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