Crossflow head options.

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Crossflow head options.

Post #1 by 6bangerbill » Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:10 pm

FAQ Material:

b]Q: Does anyone build an aluminum or crossflow head, or a combo of the two for our engines?[/b]

A: as of now, there is the AJ DRAG-RACE ONLY head, it is a strip only part because it has no provisions for a cooling system, so it is understandably unsuitable for the street
there has been talk about an Aluminum Head, read the whole thing here, unfortunately it looks like we will have to wait a good while to get this head, if it ever gets produced
UPDATE! - member 6bangerbill has created an aluminum head out of two LS1 heads (dubbed the FS1), which bolts directly to the 300 block, there are currently no bolt on intakes or exhaust headers, although he is working to see if something can be adapted, his engine is currently running with two Buick headers

6bangerbill wrote:Stang,
The head shown in the pictures i would sell for $2400.00 plus freight includes valves, springs and retainers.

this is a large amount of money, but the power gains from this are projected to be spectacular, more than anything possible with the stock head

I sell the fs1 hibred converted ls1 heads for $1500.00 on your head cores now. If you are really interested, the new ls7 (L92) heads are now on the market from GMPP. With the same ls1 bolt pattern. Oh yea, they flow 332 cfm @ 28" thru 2.170 diameter intake valves in stock as cast, non ported condition! A 4" bore is manditory for valve clearance, maybe a little head bolt offset too. These are the heads used on Cadillac Escalades and Chevy trucks. Ported versions report 380 cfm with 2.180 dia valves.

I finally found a forged 300 crank in a grind shop in N.Y. ! I paid $250.00 plus freight. It is std.- std. and the jounals are dead round. Ive been looking for one for years.
My intake is pretty much done except for welding on the plenum tops. I also made a distributor extension and the distributor (HEI type) is now high rise,above the intake manifold.
Starting to cut apart the buick Stall headers for modification.
Am looking to modify a big block chevy PROFORM 150 gmp fuel pump. Just looking at pictures a 300 ford pump lever might fit. Any body done this conversion?
Got a BB Super Damper and a ford hub for crank shaft preservation.The hub length must also be modified to fit.

This project is a very interesting but a lengthy ordeal. Especially on a budget. Never had this much fun before!

FTF - could you give a detailed discription of your 8 sec. drag motor. Or is that a national secret? Are you running a billet crank? Port flow or any thing else would be helpful.
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Post #2 by ford6man27 » Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:23 pm

Use top half of a Carter pump part # M4013 fits ford truck 65 to74 with air brakes. Use bottom half of Carter Nascar pump 172 GPH doesn't matter what it fits. both have same six screw pattern and fit together perfect. Works great.
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Post #3 by 6bangerbill » Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:34 pm

I'm happy to report that the "steel" 300 ford six lever arm swap into the Proform BBC pump was a success. I pirated a steel arm from a $10.00 rebuilt ford pump. The BBC pump must be mounted up side down and a small .060 shim is needed at the gasket flange. The shim is needed because when I rotated the cam shaft by hand, the pump arm seemed to bind up. Loosening the bolts relieved the binding thus the use of a shim. The bolt holes even matched! I like this proform pump because its 150 gph output is at a lower pressure ( 6 psi) which is more suitable to street use than the competition style Carter pump that runs at 8 to 10 psi. No regulator is required.Procomp advertises up to 600 hp capacity and sells for $35.00 new.

Thanks again.
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