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Bronco Roll Bar question--kinda obscure..?

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Bronco Roll Bar question--kinda obscure..?

Post #1 by 56mulberry » Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:39 pm

This bar came out of a '78 or '79 Bronco fullsize w/300ci (F150 style body-- NOT The old style Bronco). It is a black hoop with white "kickers" or braces to the fender wells. It has no light tabs on it and is made of 5 peices total--(two uprights and one cross bar plus the two kickers.) It is 3" OD thin wall steel(1/16") so obviously it is a "show-bar" not a real "roll-bar".

I am going to modify it to fit in our F-100 as a lightbar/showbar painted matte black. I just have to cut the uprights by about 5" (currently 46" high as it went behind Bronco seats on floor) and reweld on the mounting plates.
And I got 6' of 3" steel tube .065" wall from Mcmaster -Carr's website for $38 plus $7shipping!! How do they do that??? It came UPS next day from atlanta to East Central Alabama..Again--how do they do that?!?!?! I will use this tube to extend kickers to reach truck rear fender wells in bed.

My question--the bar has a "Doug Thorley" sticker on it --but to the best of my knowledge, DT never made roll or show bars for full size Broncos--just headers and stuff like that--thinking the sticker was added by an enthusiats of DT--BUT the placement and size of sticker made me wonder....

I know it is a stretch but seeings as it came from a Bronce (and a 300ci at that) maybe someone on here has seen one before? It sat in my Uncles garage dissassembled since @1985-6 after he sold his full size Bronco to buy a Harley-Davidson. When he heard we had this 77F-100 he though we might like to mod and/or use it in the bed if possible so sent it w/my g-mother on her last visit. I will try to add pics later if I can--just looking for info on it....DOUG
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