Anyone running Holley Projection On a 300?

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Anyone running Holley Projection On a 300?

Post #1 by 94f150rules » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:12 pm

I was reading some posts today and got to thinking. The carb head flows so much better than the EFI head because the valves are unshrouded. Also from what everyone says its nearly impossible to tune our EFI systems. My concern has always been a good balance of fuel economy and power, and 90% of the time you do get better mileage out of EFI. My truck is a work truck not a street machine. I also happen to have 2 Holley Projection 4 barrel setups and one 2 barrel setup. Would it be worth swapping out to a carb'd head and manifold, plus a regular duraspark distributor, and then bolting on the Holley 4 barrel TBI setup. It seems like a good way to work around all the problems and get the most out of the engine with out spending thousands on a custom ECU and dyno time. What do you guys think.

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