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Anybody Here Work For A Texas Smog Inspection Station?

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Anybody Here Work For A Texas Smog Inspection Station?

Post #1 by GreasyNRusty » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:45 pm

I have questions for a Harris County, Texas, vehicle emissions inspection technician:

I have a 1991 F-150; is this vehicle, being over 26 years old, now exempt from the emissions regulation?

Originally, it had a 4.9L OBD-I system; I swapped in a diesel 'bout 10 or so years ago after I blew up the 4.9L :nono: , and the only problem I had at inspection time was that the inspector plain ol' didn't want to inspect an OBD-I vehicle; once he'd listened to it and realized that coffee-can-fulla-rocks sound he heard wasn't a crankcase full of marbles, he'd do something magical (and legal) and pass it with a safety inspection only, no emission inspection on diesels required for 1991 vehicles.

Puzzled inspection guy: "Hey, that's a diesel in there! How'd it get in there? The VIN sez it was gas?"
Me (acting stupid)(no problem): " :duh: "

Well, that Dodge/Cummins is a fabulous engine, but it is simply too heavy (1,100 pounds!) for the front end and doesn't get anywhere near the MPG to justify $2.75+ diesel fuel anymore. I was daydreaming swapping back to a carbureted gasoline I-6 (the EFI system and wiring is long gone).

Would this nostalgia gasoline retrofit have a prayer of getting inspected?

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