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Stock 1970 240 intake/exhaust manifold

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Stock 1970 240 intake/exhaust manifold

Post #1 by rratselad » Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:29 pm

I have a stock 1970 240 exhaust manifold in my E100. There's a small spring on the axis of flapper valve that redirects the exhaust. That spring is broken and there isn't much left. The larger(?bimetalic) spring is still intact. How important is the smaller spring and would anyone know where to get a new one? It looks like I could get a whole new manifold from doorman, but that seems like a waste. I'd try and engineer a spring replacement, if necessary, but I cannot tell what that small spring did, how much force it exerted or how it was set up. The remnants of the spring are just floating around the pin.

edit: I've attached a photo where I marked the location of the broken spring. I still cannot tell exactly what the spring does, other than exist on that pin/axis.

Also, the intake manifold was blasted last year and refinished, including the inside. The van has only gone ~300 miles since then and I've noticed a lot of rock hard carbon buildup inside the the intake manifold at the bottom of where the carb sits. As far as I can tell, the flapper on the exhaust manifold redirects heat upward, to heat the intake and the gasoline when the engine is cold. Is this carbon buildup normal, especially after such a short time? I don't think the van is running rich, but I do need to check that again. Could the broken spring, mentioned above, be contributing?

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Re: Stock 1970 240 intake/exhaust manifold

Post #2 by Max_Effort » Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:57 pm

It’s just a bumper (or damper) so the weight doesn’t rattle and bang.

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