Against the grain

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Against the grain

Post #1 by gumby23 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:05 pm

I am a chassis fabricator. That is where my motorsports hive mentality stops. I autoX instead of drag race. I have played with 2.3T motors for a long time and always been an inline fan, no v8's for this guy. Not the easiest row to hoe, but keeps things interesting!

my 87TC

I had to take it down to finish this

Now that the truck is 'complete' I am gonna put this

into here

Great forum here, tons of info to data mine! :beer:

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Re: Against the grain

Post #2 by xctasy » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:37 pm

Path of least resistance is this....Ford turbocharged the wrong engine in 1979, and failed to give it Motorcraft CFi 2-bbl injection.

As long as the fuel flows to each of those six cylinders, and you don't break a piston ring land or conrod, the engines are fine.

Only the 200 and 250 engines are interferrance engines, the camshafts can hit the conrods, and the aftermarket twin row timing chains are an improvement, but the timing chain still gives some degrees of cam timing movement, so be carefull the cam is clearanced for the 200/250 engines. Some cams are ground retarded or advanced on the master casting supplied, some cam masters are for the 144/170 era engines. Even the later 200/250 camshaft casting, if its been clocked differently at the grinding phase, that can cause cam to con rod interferrance.

Most guys here love to use the 4 cylinder OHV 2300 Tempo/Topaz/Tracer or 2500 Taurus/Sable pistons, which are 90 gugeon pin offset for long rod, medium stroke engines,

so if you have custom forged pistons, make sure they preserve the 60 thou gudgeon pin offset from the I6 and 255 V8's, NOT the 90 thou offset from the 1.65 to 1.67:1 L/R ratio Fords with 5.45 and 6" conrods and 3.30/3.585" stroke fours. You don't want the gugeon pin to freeze, and take out a cylinder wall, crankcase, and block. The piston skirts crack. Mustangaroo and his son Jason, both had the same problems with those pistons. Does10's says his 445 hp plus turbo charged 10 second engine blow up wasn't pistons it was a frozen wrist pin, but the 24 Hours of Lemonz racer also found a cast iron rod 1978 D8GE engine blew up due to the rods and cast alloy pistons not liking 7000 rpm in second gear.


Guys who race these engines don't find them as reliable as the the 2.3's and 5.0's unless they do a lot of component upgrades. Component down grading started in 1969 with shell moulded thin wall castings, right at the same time they improved the cylinder head runners. In 1978, they downgraded the engine to cast iron conrds from forged use from 1960 to 1977. Then there was the Fox body sump, with its poorly welded oil pump pickup, and the know bad drain back of oil to the sump, worse on solid lifter engines, but the hydraulic lifter engines can also drain the sump and keep the oil floating around in the top part of the engine.

The upgrades and info is out there, and its able to take total abuse as long as the fuel gets to the knock prone cylinders 5 and 6, which is where the detonation seams to happen. The front of the engine always runs cool.

See viewtopic.php?t=72240

Enough of the theory. You'll love it here....Welcome
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Re: Against the grain

Post #3 by bubba22349 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:53 am

A big welcome to the Best Ford Six site, you have some nice looking rides. Good luck on the Turbo Coupe build up :thumbup: :nod:
A bad day Drag Racing is still better than a good day at work!

I am still hunting for a project car to build but with my current low budget it's not looking so good. My Ex- Fleet of Sixes these are all long gone! :bang: 1954 Customline 223 3 speed with O/D, 1963 Fairlane project drag car with BB6, 1977 Maverick 250 with C4, 1994 F-150 a 300 with 5 speed.

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