Greeting Ford Six

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Greeting Ford Six

Post #1 by ZCustoms » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:09 pm

Well I finally found some place with some info on the infamous Ford 6 300's! A little about myself, Im an industrial mechanic by trade and like to get my hands dirty with a little bit of evertything. I have been working on electrical, fabrication, welding, motors/pumps and HVAC for 10+ years and always excited to learn more.

I have recently come into a 1986 Ford F150 2WD with a Ford 300 in it and am wanting to tear this down to the nitty gritty and rebuild from there. I havent quite decided on what style motor I'm going for IE: racing, offroad, or street use. But this motor is getting overhauled one way or the other.

I am also building a custom car around this motor, It's my first time completely doing a motor and will need lots of advice so I hope I landed at the right place.

Look forward to meeting you all and learning as much as I can while sharing my build with you all as well.

ZCustoms - Tri Cities WA

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Re: Greeting Ford Six

Post #2 by ludwig » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:02 pm

Welcome to the F6F, the best technical forum on the net. If you like I6 engines.

You will find a bunch of helpful stuff in the 'tech archive'. Most of it is for the small engine, but much of it applies to the large 6 as well.

A few of the guys race the large block 6, so you will enjoy conversing with them. Frenchtown Flyer is our resident race engine expert. Check out his posts.

And you should think about adding your location to your sig. You just might live close to someone who has knowledge or parts to share.

You will love it here. We all do.

Livin' the dream. Dad n' daughter.

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Re: Greeting Ford Six

Post #3 by bubba22349 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:47 am

Welcome to the best Ford Six Site ZCustoms, 300's are great engines and there are lots of ways to use them for work or play! Good luck on your build up :nod:
A bad day Drag Racing is still better than a good day at work!

I am still hunting for a project car to build but with my current low budget it's not looking so good. My Ex- Fleet of Sixes these are all long gone! :bang: 1954 Customline 223 3 speed with O/D, 1963 Fairlane project drag car with BB6, 1977 Maverick 250 with C4, 1994 F-150 a 300 with 5 speed.

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