Hello 79Broncojoe, Power plant replaced with a 300-6,

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Hello 79Broncojoe, Power plant replaced with a 300-6,

Post #1 by 79broncojoe » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:58 pm

Hello my stage name is 79broncojoe, I sure hope this is the correct place to introduce myself!

My 79 Bronco power plant once had a 400m but was purchase 16 years ago with a big block 300-6, leaving out the details of the vehicle as it does not pertain to this website. I love my motor!

It's simple
It's roomy
and most importantly its reliable!

I have done 0 upgrades and it's never let me down but that is going to change! Upgrades include efi exhaust manifolds, walker exhaust pipe, Offenhauser intake P#750-6019-DP, and 4-barrel Holly 390, P# 510-0-8007.

I have a 12 year old son named Morgan and has shown interest in learning and helping to switch my frame, rust free body and most importantly upgrading the motor! So I have a helper! I am a backyard wrencher so I am very thankful to be part of the greatest engine ever built FordSix powerplant commuinty.


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Re: Hello 79Broncojoe, Power plant replaced with a 300-6,

Post #2 by bubba22349 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:40 pm

Welcome to the best Ford Six site Joe, yes your in the right place for the best in info and knowageable people on the 300 six'es. Good luck :nod:
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I am still hunting for a project car to build but with my current low budget it's not looking so good. My Ex- Fleet of Sixes these are all long gone! :bang: 1954 Customline 223 3 speed with O/D, 1963 Fairlane project drag car with BB6, 1977 Maverick 250 with C4, 1994 F-150 a 300 with 5 speed.

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Re: Hello 79Broncojoe, Power plant replaced with a 300-6,

Post #3 by F6 lathead » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:35 pm

yep your right in the reliability of these motors I once drove my 82 Bronco with IL 6 from Jacksonville NC. to Buffalo NY. and then out to Washington state and back and only burned one fourth of a quart of oil, amazing motor and got 20 mpg to boot, currently working on a 67 F100 bone stock but as you say upgrades are coming next spring after I resurrect her from 18 years of patiently waiting on Dads farm.

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