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Machine shop woes

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Machine shop woes

Post #1 by Invectivus » Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:47 am

So I wanted impartial opinions.

I dropped off my large log head (C9DE-6090-M) and valves at a highly respected racing shop here in Northern California. I explained that I wanted a quote to have the head milled and the chambers CCd. I also wanted quotes for a few things like cutting the guides for Viton seals, lapping the valves, and a 30 degree back cut on the intake valves. I did not know at the time what size I wanted the chambers to be, but I didn't think they needed to know that to build a quote. I specifically state the valve guides are nice and tight on my valves, I don't want new guides.

They asked if I wanted to assemble the head, that they'd need the springs/retainers, and that they wanted to do an inspection first, for $125. I asked them to work the assembly into the quote.

I didn't hear back for what seemed like a week or two, and I don't like being pushy so I waited. On Nov 1, I shot them an email, figuring maybe they were holding the quote for the chamber size. I sent an email reiterating what I want in the quote, adding a check for hardened exhaust seats.

They replied they would start working on them, and get them to me soon.

They never get the quote to me. On the 18th, I sent a follow up email, adding that i have the springs, keepers, seals, and some stainless valves i'd like to try, and add to the quote a port divider install. It was ignored.

On the 22nd, I go by the shop to get my head, because this isn't the way I want to do business. The manager isn't in, but the machinist says my head is almost done. The new guides are in and fitted to the new stainless valves they bought me, and he doesn't need my springs, he just tells the vendors what he wants and they give it to him. they just need to shave the head and CC the chambers.

So I'm pretty irate. I never got my quote, and I never authorized work. I never authorized them buying and marking up anything, and they specifically jacked my guides. And I don't know how much this is supposed to 'cost' me. I feel like telling them to enjoy their new head, because I'm not paying for this. I have like 5 more, but only one other large log, a flat top i wanted to save to do a 2V conversion on if my log milling on the small log heads fail.

Maybe it will be alright, maybe they'll say it's like 300, 350 with the valves, but I feel like they're going to come at me with a 600 dollar bill.

As a follow up, anyone have examples of how much they paid for things like head milling, new guides, back cutting and valve jobs?
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Re: Machine shop woes

Post #2 by Econoline » Sat Dec 14, 2019 1:03 pm

When I had my C9 head done it was $488. This included cleaning, magnaflux, minimum surfacing of head, surfacing the exhaust flange, new bronze valve guides, enlarging the exhaust valve to use 144 intake valves, 3 angle valve job and assembly. I provided the springs, valves, 1 pc retainers, locks and valve seals. Basically everything but the valve guides. That was almost 4 years ago.
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Re: Machine shop woes

Post #3 by chero1369 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 3:06 pm

Just got 144/170 head out of the shop..060 cut on head cost $100,.030 cut on exhaust(!) cost 50.Flange looked like a banana.
I cut the guides for viton myself.Only takes a few hours and the tool has long since paid for itself after six heads.
The other shop I use has done 4 heads for me,so he gave me 2 69 "M" heads to get them out of his way.They had some parts robbed off of them,but I couldn't refuse.He does what I tell him to,which is,.060 cut on head,minimum cut on exhaust(not usually.030),oversize hardened valve seats,3 angle valve job.those past heads have run me about $400-$450.
If I do 1 valve guide,I do them all,that adds a $100 bill to it.
This shop I just used,I let them do a little at a time.Gives me a chance to see what/how they do.Because ,yes,people are really lousy about following directions.

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