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2+2 Sixes how rare?

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2+2 Sixes how rare?

Post #1 by powerband » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:40 am

A friend sold his 55' vintage P/up and bought a 65 Mustang Fastback-2+2 Six Automatic / PS and PB's / Rangoon Red (of course) to Clone into a vintage Race car. I asked if it was 4 lug or 5 lug wheels and he said - 4 which indicates it is a original SIX car I thought this was extraordinarily rare. Here in NE, I've run across ONE other Fastback SIX it had a Dagenham 4spd . I told him I thought virtually all the original SIX Fastbacks had been found and cloned. He said if it was really worth more original , he'd sell it for another (already) V8 Fastback. Honestly I told him the 2+2 SIx was probably quite a rare car, but not quite more valuable ...

have fun
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Re: 2+2 Sixes how rare?

Post #2 by xctasy » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:19 pm

Fairly rare I'd say, most were 289's, not 200's.

To be rare and worth more more, it has to have more Mustang, more performance. You could rebuild the engine, bolt on a turbo kit for 2500 dollars, and boost its performance 225% and take it to a 13.5 second quarter mile, but its still a T code.

A stock numbers matching six cylinder T code is just like 60% of all Mustangs, ultimately, even if modified to do 13.5 second quarters, its basically a hair dresssers car like a Celica or Mustang II.

Its the V8's and K codes that breathed life into the Mustang line.

People forget, if Lee Iacocca hadn't comissioned the Shelby GT350, the Plymouth Barracuda (released on 1 April 1964, pre-dates the Mustang by two weeks) potentially could have then eaten the Mustang alive. But because the boffins at Mopar were still under the weirdness of the Exener era, they put a Valiant label on it, and failed to merchendise the Commando 273 from day was therfore overshaddowed by the Mustang in every quarter. Those two mistakes played in Fords hands, and the rest is history.

Ford took the V8 into intermediate car " Pontiac GTO ethos", and injected it into a compact car with a better than AC Cobra engine. Even with a 273 180 hp 2-bbl, the 'Cuda is a pretty good performer compared to any 260 or non K code 289. That it didn't hit the sales charts is for those two reasons (name association and lack of power options) and the Mustangs halcyon days were because

a) it wasn't outwardly a Falcon or Fairlane (even though it was inwardly)
b) It had hardcore performance options form day 1.
c) With the advent of of the GT350, it took a realatively plain Jane body style, and went 'troppo' in true GTO style.

The 170 N code or 200 T code is just the basic proof that the Mustang was a Falcon or Fairlane underneath
It wasn't ever a hardcore performance car like the up optioned V8's were heading.
And it undermines the performance ethos that made the Mustangs of that era truly great.

An I6 Mustang, it will always be like a 1980-1982 Thunderbird, with a soft in line six option. It undermines the real "bigger is better", aspirational aspect that made the Mustang great.

I love the N, T, B, L and X code two door Fords morethan any other, but they are the cheapest Fords to buy because they aren't 260, 289, 302, 351, 390, 427, 428, 429 or 460's. Its like the old saying "get on fire for something, and people will come to see you burn". Those halo variants brought people into show rooms on Monday after another SCAA win, and 60% of people bought an in line six Mustang of little collective worth compared to the car they saw winning.

So T codes are just T codes. Loved by us, but not valued in the same way any 260 or 289 is. A down spec or standard spec engine option is a debit from value, especially in a Pony car. Rarity doesn't come into it unless its a performance option rarity.
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Re: 2+2 Sixes how rare?

Post #3 by 65fback » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:59 pm

I haven't seen many - but it's been a popular thing to drop a V8 into these.

Found my T code 2+2 in Pennsylvania. Thrilled as it's the body shape I want at a price point I could still afford.
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Re: 2+2 Sixes how rare?

Post #4 by kukm66 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:02 am

there was one floating around here in Phoenix about 3-4 years ago.
it was silver and for sale for around $3,000 +.
I tried to contact the seller whom I assumed live in the house where the Mustang was parked.
But, alas, it dispeared suddenly.
Someone got a nice buy as it was immaculate.
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Re: 2+2 Sixes how rare?

Post #5 by gus91326 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:05 pm

I have one. People told me it was rare as well, but no one knows how rare, and it's the kind of rare that doesn't translate into any additional value.

So, I kept the 6, but upgraded the rest of the suspension to V8 specs.

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