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Rock Auto Screwed me for the last time!

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Rock Auto Screwed me for the last time!

Post #1 by username » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:49 pm

I've spent maybe $2000 with them over the last few years and about 50% of the stuff they send is either used, previously installed or swapped box lesser quality off brand junk. I worked in parts for about 20 years so I know a return when I see one. What these guys are doing is brokering returns from brick-and-motar stores to folks like us. Yes, they do sell some new non returned stuff but anything you see that says "wholesaler closeout" is a return from a retail sale.

I can't being to tell you how many different things weren't what they were supposed to be. Here's the latest. I ordered a pickup coil for my truck and they sent me a used OEM coil in a Standard box. I filed a return and they sent another one out. About 8 months go by till have have a chance to install it only to figure out it's not Standard, but some unheard of off brand crap. I didn't notice when I first looked at it because it had shielded wires. I thought that may have been an improvement in design but upon closer inspection it has tiny wires compared to the real Standard I pulled off the truck. Every picture I find online of a LX222 looks nothing like what I was sent. Of course it's over 30 days so they won't do anything...although it's listed has having a year warranty!

Sometimes they are great and others they completely suck. I ordered an 02 sensor once; they only showed one left in stock. It was supposed to be a top tier Standard sensor but I was set "OE by Standard and was nothing like what was pictured or I ordered. I went back on the site and it still showed one available. I contacted them and asked if I was sent that because the one sold or was I sent the wrong one and there still was one left of the one I ordered.

They gave me some BS story about how sometimes things are different than pictured blah blah blah but wouldn't answer why they still showed one left. I pressed them on the issue and they asked ME....."why were you sent the wrong part" I have any freaking idea.....

Not, "W do you think"; because I had already explained at great lengths EXACTLY what the problem was but they still refused to answer the question OR make it right with a replacement.

They still have it listed 9 months later but dropped "only one remaining" and what they send looks NOTHING like what is pictured.

I have REPEATEDLY seen these guys pull a bait-and-switch and act as if nothing happened or is wrong. Lord forbid you get TWO bad parts in an order as they WILL NOT send you a replacement. I'm done with these clowns; hope you guys fare better but remember; I warned you...

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Re: Rock Auto Screwed me for the last time!

Post #2 by Econoline » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:31 pm

I've had a problem with them twice. First time they sent the wrong pistons with a label on them that crossed to a sealed power # that was right. Turned out they were buick. They refunded me all costs and told me to keep them. The other time I needed 2 rod bearings and they sent me some nos ones that were not stored well, at all. They were next to free though, clearance buy out, and I got them with other things and just let it go and got them local.

By and large they are still way ahead in my book. Things get sketchy when you get clearance stuff. I've got a lot of good clearance deals, but got burnt twice. They've saved me $400 easy in the last 3 years since I started buying things from them. All on one project.
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Re: Rock Auto Screwed me for the last time!

Post #3 by rbohm » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:39 am

so far i have not had any issues with rockauto. their prices seem to be better than what i could get locally, their shipping is done in a reasonable time frame, and i get the parts i order. of course i tend to not buy offbrand parts, or closeout parts either.
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