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Anyone worked on chemically removing NaCl corrosion from Al?

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Anyone worked on chemically removing NaCl corrosion from Al?

Post #1 by Asa » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:37 pm

As the title states, looking to remove salt water corrosion from some aluminum parts. I've sandblasted, but it just comes back if I leave the surface bare.

I'm looking for something like an electrolytic process, or maybe just something that would allow the NaCl to leach out of the Al and onto/into the sacrificial piece.
I've spent the last two weeks wandering around campus asking various professors if they've run into anything like that, but I haven't struck gold yet.

Also, how you guys been?
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Re: Anyone worked on chemically removing NaCl corrosion from Al?

Post #2 by CNC-Dude » Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:26 pm

It depends on what alloy aluminum it is. Some aircraft quality aluminum's, even though very strong, loose corrosion resistance because of their molecular makeup to increase strength, and often require anodizing to prevent corrosion. Other lesser grades of aluminum have great resistance to corrosion, but less strength as the aircraft grade aluminum's. Once salt or chemical corrosion penetrates the metal, you often have to grind the contaminated outer layer of metal away and then coat with some type of sealer to prevent it from returning. Sorta' like fixing a body panel on a car that has bad rust in it. If you don't get all the bad metal out before you bondo it, it will come back thru the paint.

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