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Flat Tow-Bar tips ?

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Flat Tow-Bar tips ?

Post #1 by powerband » Wed May 17, 2017 2:14 pm

For first time ever, I broke down @ 1/2 mile from my home in my '61 Comet. After an hour or so of fooling around on the side of the road I called AAA and had it towed home. At my garage I found a bad connection to the coil and car was quickly back on road.

So, I picked up a 5000 lb limit tow-bar at Horror Fright and welded the clevis's on the front crossmember below bumper. ' Looks good and should make a fine 'recovery' setup that I hope to never use .

Should I tie the steering wheel from moving ?. Any other pertinent advice on tow-bar towing appreciated.

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Re: Flat Tow-Bar tips ?

Post #2 by rbohm » Wed May 17, 2017 2:24 pm

for a half mile or so, flat towing is fine, just go slow. i would leave the steering wheel unlocked to prevent problems. i flat towed my 64 falcon from pittsburg to tucson many years ago, and i would never do that again. it was fine until i needed to make a turn onto another street. i have also flat towed a pinto with similar issues.

another thing make sure of your mount to the towed vehicle is solid. with my pinto the bumper had a bit of rust on it, and it broke loose from the tow bar, i did leave the steering column locked on that car, bad idea.
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Re: Flat Tow-Bar tips ?

Post #3 by bubba22349 » Thu May 18, 2017 8:32 am

X2 when flat towing a vechical you would never tie the steering wheel! Used to flat tow many cars from my first back in 1963 (Fargo N.D. To La, Calif.) the best set up I had was a good tow bar with its mounts solidly attached to the front of the frame, safety chain, and a set of towing hubs (with stock Ford wheels & tires) on the rear wheels. Then when arrived at the Drag strip quickly take off the tow bar, the towing hubs and wheels, bolt on the Slicks ready to race. Good luck :nod:
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