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F150 for sale $1,250.00

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F150 for sale $1,250.00

Post #1 by JackFish » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:44 pm ... 1457808407

Are you looking for something that will be aesthetically appealing to everyone, while being exceptionally good on fuel with no rust, well keep looking because this isn’t it.
If you’re thinking this thing is slow well oh boy you’re in for a surprise, this hog is packing 150 buff American corn fed horses, which is about 4500-7500 feral hog power if you own an ar -15.
Exhaust is still on because I don’t feel like roasting the tires every time I put it in gear.
This truck has none of that auto-magic bullsh*t, why you ask, BECAUSE HORSEPOWER, that’s right, you get to tell this old slab when she’s allowed to shift.
Is it 4x4? NO, this thing is a drift missile, so if you want something with traction keep going, you’re not going to be able to contain all 150 of these ponies.
It’s got an aftermarket radio so you can play your skynyrd while showing civics how good the tailgate looks from a distance.
She’s got a 4.9 straight 6 (yes that’s the old ford swather engine) so you know she boogies.
No rear window so you can throw empty beer cans into the box while driving (for legal reasons that’s a joke).
It’s got enough torque to pull chevys out of the ditch for days as long as you have the fuel and patience.
Any more questions on this rig, feel free to send me a message
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1978 Ford Fairmont station wagon
Yup, I bought another one.
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