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I Sold my Bronco...

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I Sold my Bronco...

Post #1 by MPGmustang » Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:19 pm

Sadly life has happened, I sold everything...

sold the 65 mustang due to marital issues, think the wife was jealous...
sold the 66 bronco cause it was a rust bucket that I could NOT restore... at least on my income.

and the 75 runnign/driving/wonderful bronco. reason... life needed the money and a reliable transportation for the family.
I picked up a 99 4runner with AWD 4WD and rear factory e-locker... oh and 4 door that can fit dogs and kids...
ok so that's the sad truth, I sold it for my family.
but not my dream, I'm very confident that I'll come back to the bronco world, and even more important the for i6.
I've been thinking LONG about the type of rig I just want to 'enjoy'.
my 4runner is a family mover, little bit of a toy side with the locker, but not a 'hobby' vehicle I want.

so build for 66-77 bronco
I'm going to find a straight rust free body... probably an un-finished project.
i6 250ci - only 264/264 112LC .450lift cam and 9.5cr
v8's c4 will bolt right up with a 250 bellhousing
33inch tires, I like the look and I can air down as needed
no lift, stock height, just trimming of body.
better shocks, this is where the ride is, I want SMOOTH on dirt roads. even tempted to get some king shocks to get the right ride.
3.50 gears for the c4, remember I don't need gearing I have a 'low' 2.46 gear in the transfercase and a torque converter
air lockers, front and rear (won't use them much but I want them for insurance)
dyno-mat - I'm going overboard with this, I want it quiet
carpet padding - yes a carpet pad over the dynomat and under the carpet. it will be quiet and keep outside temps outside
20% tinting, and visor windshield tint.
good AC
new wiring
front disk brakes
power steering
power brakes
headers... I admit the stock exhaust doesn't cut it.
I appreciate Jimmyv65's build and post on oil pan, #8 on the list.

it will be a clean simple rig.

it will be a re-curved stock DSII ignition
I'm still on fence from a 1bbl vs a TBI from aforable fuel injection... maybe I'll be adventurous and build my own megasquirt at that time.

anyways wanted to post, love reading about and learning new things, when money is much easier to hang on too I'll be making headway.

just for future note, IF the alum head is still around I'll get that and put on a 2bbl TBI setup...
65mustang-SOLD-200ci-t5-scarebird disks-vintage air ac-264/274 110 cam-mav 8inch 3.8 open-350cfm-CI headers
66 Bronco-SOLD-i6 170 - rust bucket never ran...
75 bronco-SOLD-v8 c4 dana 20 33's and disk brakes, locker front/rear.

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Re: I Sold my Bronco...

Post #2 by CoupeBoy » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:56 am

Gotta take care of family first, hang in there, it sucks.

Just gradually start collecting parts again and someday the stars will align.

I offered to sell my '68 Mustang once, when we bought our house, luckily my wife shot down that idea.
She drives a 2012 Tahoe in the winter and says that she 'dies a little' each time she has to drive it.

As much as I'd love to dig into a first Gen bronco (I watch for them locally) I think a first gen K5 or a Scout II is more reasonable for my weather.

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Re: I Sold my Bronco...

Post #3 by bmbm40 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:14 pm

You have probably already started but if not start looking for a 250 as they are a bit harder to find now. I have two and looking for a third just in case.
66 Bronco-1970 250, NV3550, DSII, 4 turn ps, uncut, 1" bl, 2.5" sl, front disc, twin stick D 20, 30 x 9.50
NEXT- direct mount 1.08 on D8 head, power brakes, rear limited slip, 3G, electric fan, electric upgrades, custom curved DSII, header, 31" tires

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Re: I Sold my Bronco...

Post #4 by chad » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:46 pm

(early '70s) K5 is nice, IH800 (is that a 'scout I") wuz gunna B my purchase but the co just went outta business & the Fed law was "only hafta make prts for 7 yrs" after colaps so I got my 1st bronk a '70 (1983 I think). Took 3 more to finish this one.

Lately I've been lookin @ the slant 6 upgrades. I had a 225 ('64 Dart) and a 170 ('67 Valuant) both wagons. The '64 got a chicken shed roof pop rivet body job (storm knocked down the coop), the '67 blew an engine so the bigger motor went in the newer car. Then it was loaded down w/all my belongings & took me all over the country for 3 yrs. (clocked 300K by the end). Never did die just got given away for a V8 Novatype Olds (a 350 hatchback) in early '80. As I remember it the slant 6 has intake/exhaust on opposite sides (may B I'm thinkin another 6 I saw in my googeling). Now THAT sounds like the set up to hop up…
Scout II's a lill big, early Blazer (as above) is big too but in that sz range no thing has it over the '78/9 Bronk. I love the '73 - '79 Ford truck look & that bronk just does it 4 me. Gimmie ur email (C mine in below sig) for a pic of one frm the local BYOB (bring yer own bronk). Total stock on the outside (only) so, again, just knocks me out. I'd C it goin down the rd back late 70s/early80s & called em pigs (cuza the gas crisis goin on then) but now I like the look...
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Chad - '70 LUEB on '77 frame (i.e. PS, D44, trapezoidal BB 9", 4.11), 250, NV 3550 & DSII to B transplanted, "T" D20/PTO, 2" SL, 1" BL, 4 discs, 33"X15", tool boxes, etc. Seeking: Hydraulic gear motor for Koenig pto. (413) 259-1749

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