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Advice on 63 Ranchero Rear Shock Replacement

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Advice on 63 Ranchero Rear Shock Replacement

Post #1 by rzcrisis » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:24 pm

Trying to help out a friend with a dilemma on a 63 Ranchero. He wants to install rear air shocks but cannot locate where the access to the upper shock bolt/nuts are. I have a Falcon/Comet shop manual but it only shows a 2 or 4 door wagon with access plates for the rear shocks. Not same for the Ranchero? I have done a search on this forum with no luck. Anyone have any advice or experience with this?

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Re: Advice on 63 Ranchero Rear Shock Replacement

Post #2 by xctasy » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:59 pm

In the US, Ford used the wagon floorpan with the two door sedan doors. IIRC, The fuel tank was moved forwards, and the panel to the fuel tank access unbolts and the top spigot bolts are there to free up. On the Australian Ranchero (Coupe Utility) it has hardwood slats and the access is still under those two portal holes

Care of Mr Brett, gb500.

gb500 wrote:heres a ford australia sketch of how they used the basic front section (up to the B pillars) for the 4 body styles of falcon.

no 2 doors in australia - so all front doors are the same (as the 4 door sedan)

(all wheel bases the same - 181 " (same as american)
Noted as 108 inches, not 109.9 as in the US)

all models were the same overall length

the van (known as a sedan delivery in aust) was based on a ute body with a wagon roof .
if you look carefiully can see the petrol(gas) tank locations(black) and the white block is the spare wheel


Downunder, the wheel base was reduced to 108" from 109.9, and the rear overhang cut, and the front part of the car made common; ie no two doors untill the 1963 Hardtop's (samr as yours)

gb500 wrote:some dings in guard and passendger door:


tray perfect : even has orig wood (i think its tasmanian Oak) ford used. Tasmania is a large island off the south of mainland australia.( say 150 miles south)

for the eagle eyed amongt you - the inner sides of the tray (over wheel arch up to the back wall are removeable panels. - so once removed can access the inner rear quarters etc .
the access to the spare wheel is vail a small door under the tailgate .

so you need a square headed key to undo the door and slide whell + tyre in .
it was ok for the sixties when tyres were 4"' wide . now i have a radial 13" x 175 spare - and its too fat to slide in the spare wheel tray .

so it lives the back of the main ute tray.


some surface rust from sitting water - will rub off:

floors good:


BUt there are two bits of rust :

spare wheel tray :which i am hoping is non structural come RWC


and left inner rear quarter:need to patch this
so on with the pics :

interior: with a non cracked steering wheel - unheard of !


not the original seat - its a sedan seat -(cue ash tray in back of seat)


hood lining and windlace is all good:

powerhouse 170 ci:think its about 45 hp at rear wheels


even still has 5 body colour matching 13' x 5 stud wheels and tyres

the front drivers guard is a replacement - was orig light blue and resprayed - hence why it looks brighter - but it starting to flake off.

rest of the orig paint is all oxidised.

will proably give it a sand , cut and polish if i get the time before rwc.

this is the last registration sticker : as it sure is a funny shape

the stuicker is dated 1990 and the ute came from NSW ( state in australia) and the car was in the town of Lithgow (NSW country area) -was in a shed (not a barn :( ) and stored since since end 1990 - i have the 1991 registration renewal aperwork in the glovebox-was never renewed

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Re: Advice on 63 Ranchero Rear Shock Replacement

Post #3 by Dragonlich1961 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:37 pm

if your 63 is like my 61 there is panel all the way forward in the bed with about 15-20 bolts, the upper shocks are under there. be prepared to fight them, several of mine were stuck and no amount of using an impact driver would remove them.

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