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Post #1 by Guest » Thu Jan 02, 2003 8:37 am

Well, I am closer to my C4 to 3.03 speed conversion and I am having pretty good luck locating the parts I need. My 65 Mustang convertible 200 was originally outfitted with the 2.77, but somewhere in it's life, someone changed it to a C4. My goal is to get it closer to its original state, yet have a stonger tranny.

So I have a couple of questions:
1. I located a 2.77 bellhousing, saw some photos and it looks like the ones on Al's bell comparison page. Can someone confirm that the part number C3DA-6394-B is a 2.77 bell?

2. I bought a 3.03 tranny and found out later that it is a RAN-D for a 289 not a RAN-S for the 200. If I use the V8 tranny, will I be painfully slow off the line? Should I continue searching to the I6 3.03 to get the higher first gear?

3. I found a 68 shifter with linkage for a 3 speed. I am 98% positive it will fit my 67 3 speed tranny. Can someone take away my 2% doubt? It came from a 68 mustang.

Al - I'll probably put an order in for the adapter plate by end of Jan. I still have alot of parts to source.

Thanks - I keep you posted on my progress


PS - I have some extra parts that I'll be looking to swap, I have a 67 Bell for the 3.03 that I found out here that I cannot use with my C5 200 block. I have the clutch fork for it as well.

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Post #2 by MustangSix » Thu Jan 02, 2003 8:55 am

Al will probably chime in later, but I'm pretty sure the 3.03 will not fit a 2.77 bell housing without an adapter.

The 3.03 will be fine for your application. I think the V8 version has a slightly taller first gear, but should work ok. The shift linkage should be the same for 67 and 68.
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