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Keeping an i6 front end

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Keeping an i6 front end

Post #1 by sparkyj » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:50 am

Hi guys, I bought a V8 front end kit when was thinking of converting the 62 ranchero to a V8 car (many moons ago).
I ended up rebuilding the 6. Are there any parts from the front end kit that could be used on this 6 cyl car?
or should I simply sell the front end kit for the V8 and order a complete i6 front end kit?

I know the tie rods are bigger. I used to know the answer to this question but so much time has passed.....

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Re: Keeping an i6 front end

Post #2 by jamyers » Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:10 pm

I'm not sure which parts are interchangeable, I think it depends on the kit. Do you know / remember where you got it from, and/or is it OEM or aftermarket? Probably not OEM, since the V8 wasn't an option in '62, but I think there are kits that use OEM parts.

Does the V8 kit require you getting new wheels (5-lugs or otherwise)?
Does the V8 kit include spindles? (I've heard somewhere that the V8 spindles are a good upgrade due to some of the I6 ones being marginal, but then bazillions of I6 front ends are still doing well)

If using the V8 kit means new wheels (and a mix of 5-lugs on the front and 4-lugs on the rear), then I'd sell and rebuild the I6 parts.

If I could upgrade the spindles easily, I'd do that.
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Re: Keeping an i6 front end

Post #3 by CobraSix » Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:02 am

by V-8 front end kit, what do you mean?

I put a V-8 front end on my mustang. Everything but the steering box. The pitman arm for the V-8 set up fit my steering box. After that, it was new spindles, idler, drag link, and tie rod ends.

But again, that's for a mustang. Not sure about the early falcon body if there were differences.
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