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67 mustang gasser with solid tube front axle beam custom knuckles an what componects an spindle to use?

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67 mustang gasser with solid tube front axle beam custom knuckles an what componects an spindle to use?

Post #1 by autoX65 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:51 am

came across a new deal on a 67 mustang body from AZ an do want to get this slapped together this summer.

id been rolling a new 98 4.3 vortec gmc jasper reman only two years old an liking the size of engine an was debating this solid axle i got in the cl free section give away in coto de caza an was exactlly what id been aiming for an debtaing putting in the the van /parts hauler an tools an equipment does need HD suspension no doubt but hence the mustang now this light weight tube with a cast center section where diff would be an is a factory built piece not sure what off maybe import forsure medium duty truck or something

just going at options on building a little more solid front vs the older style 50s cast solid beam you seen in gasser set up that came from 50s trucks...

just going through parts an picks an want to put the welding to the test as well instead of putting ball joints to mount spindles this time have in mind more total control products forged aftermarket spindles or thier 70 mustang spindle over granada which they have too in case the front ends gets in the air itll have something to come down on solid

just some parts an searches recently finding alot of smaller company catalogs for this market of screw in balljoints an press in parts to weld custom knuckles is that what it would be called?

the beam i have has four bolts an some cast piece on end of tubes kind of like a four by four axle would mount in so maybe work wtih that or build off it ?? ... 11&bih=441 ... 482014.pdf

a couple of links to get started if anyone sees anything havnt had much time to go through much on the topic but i want to start with the axle any ideas would be helpful on what parts to use an materials.

ill try to get a picture of the piece im starting friday morning late start work day..... with it even has a few mounting points an a nice arcing frame brackets about ideal setup for front end height for gasser look..

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Re: 67 mustang gasser with solid tube front axle beam custom knuckles an what componects an spindle to use?

Post #2 by bubba22349 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:33 am

:hmmm: what's the axle look like you trying to adapt spindles too? Good luck :thumbup: :nod:
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