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'65 Ranchero coil spring issues

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'65 Ranchero coil spring issues

Post #1 by rafaelb » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:01 pm

When I replaced the UCAs on my '65 200cid manual no air Ranchero I took the opportunity to perform the Shelby drop as long as I had everything apart but upon reassembly noticed that the front end was way too low: The UCAs were just resting on the rubber snubbers. Bad.

So I took everything apart again and found that somewhere along the line someone had cut coils off the stock springs so I ordered a pair of Moog 8088s since they were listed as "universal" replacements and seemed to have the correct unloaded spring height.

But, after putting them on the front of the Rancho is now way way too high, like it's popping a wheelie too high. I have another '65 with a 289 and it seems to have about 2-1/2 inches clearance between the UCA and the snubber but now my 6 banger has like 6" and she barely settled at all after dropping down off the jack stands.

I'm thinking obviously I need to whack a coil or more off the 8088s? but is there a formula to know how much or is it strictly trial and error, which seems to be a pain, taking everything apart to cut a coil, reassembly the check, rinse and repeat.

If anyone has had a similar experience I'd appreciate it, or if there are some general guidelines for knowing how much to cut off that would be awesome. I've never done that before either, is there any trick to cutting the spring or can I just cut it with a cutoff wheel?

1964 Ranchero Deluxe 200cid 4sp future Rat Rod?

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Re: '65 Ranchero coil spring issues

Post #2 by StarDiero75 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:43 am

If yoy cut it, cut from both the top and bottom to get the correct height. Dont just cut one side of the coil to drop it. The center of the coil is stiffer than the ends, so cut the ends evenly to reduce to the proper height.
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Re: '65 Ranchero coil spring issues

Post #3 by mustang6 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:01 am

Nope, nope, nope... The top of the spring has a flattened edge that seats it against the top inside of the shock tower, cut that off and the spring will not seat properly. Cut the spring from the bottom only. These springs are not progressive so no part of them is stiffer than the other, but the overall spring will be stiffer when shortened so cut only what you need to get the desired ride height. When you get to that height, drive it around and see how stiff it is. If you don't like it you will have to start over with a less stiff spring.

To the original question, yes it is a bit of trial and error unfortunately. Your idea of using a cutoff wheel is good, some guys use a torch and the heat can change the physical characteristics of the steel and cause the springs to sag and become uneven in stiffness.

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