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PS bracket / CI headers / L or R motorside / 250 engine / bronco

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PS bracket / CI headers / L or R motorside / 250 engine / bronco

Post #1 by chad » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:18 am

Good Day !

I am posting to find Y/M/M for a swap in.
I have had a home made bracket for 30 yrs and wish to go a step or 2 better w/the new motor (170 to become 250).

Can folks let me know model & yr for the bracketry. I'd like to find something for left as well as right engine sides. That way if I had each on hand I could mock up choices between now & spring when I may be able to get the motor in.

One of the typical bronk vendors has one for sale that uses the driver's side. They made this up themselves (a lill more professional than mine forsure). Didn't early 70s - early 80s 'stang (this is a 250 engine) have PS?

Thank you for the tech assistance. :nod:
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