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looking at 84 e-150 never owned a van

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looking at 84 e-150 never owned a van

Post #1 by mattri » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:24 pm

Looking at an 84 E-150 300 3 on the tree. Van is in good condition, body straight interior clean runs and drives well. I've built a few 300s and have owned a number of F-series but have never owned a van. Obviously not a lot of differences but what kind of thigs should I watch out for.
What can I expect out of the three speed column shift? Don't expect performance but don't want to be left on the side of the road.
How much of a pita is it to work on a van? The doghouse will help with access other than that is it doable or just stupid? Any information appreciated, Matt.

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Post #2 by mutt » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:13 pm

my 81 is the best all around truck Ive owned. having said that, its a PITA to do headwork, etc, as you have to get at it from both ends. Go over your shift linkage looking for shot bushings, & grease the rubbing parts. Your carb setup is problematical. Stock mine got lousy MPG and had zip pwer-passed smog in CA, so it was SUPPOSED to do that. I increased power substantially & mpg 50-75%.
As with any truck: jack it up & check the front end for tightness. I like that twin I beam setup, myself. Fr brakes are substantial.
The vacuum controlled heater etc can be both problematical & the evil to get at. Ov the years I yanked it out & run thing by cable & swiches. But tats just me.
MPG falls off steeply- like a lemming off a cliff, but a lot heavier- above 60 or so. Forcing te lump down te road at 85 while causing the Senator to hardly break a sweat put a serious dent in MPG.
Id sure as heck like to replace the door window seals & such, but findin its the hard part. Ive yet to see a junkyard model w/ ok window channel, its all shot to heck & evidently isnt PU channel.
That van shift linkage CAN be a pita unless to get it proprly adjusted & greased.....I drained & changed the tranny & dif oil. No tellin how used up it is. Cheap insurance....

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