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E250 brakes on an E150?

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old jupiter
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E250 brakes on an E150?

Post #1 by old jupiter » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:18 pm

I did Search this first. I have to do a front and rear brake rebuild soon on a standard wheelbase 1988 E150 cargo van (300 six, C-6, 8.8" that I'm swapping out for a Traction-Lock 9"). The stock brakes are said to be marginal for any towing or full loads. Are E250 or E350 brakes a bolt-on with these old Twin I-Beam vans? Or are different puck and pad materials sufficient to make the stock brakes work? BTW, I see that the 9" axle has the same drums, et al, as the 8.8", for what that's worth to anybody.

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Re: E250 brakes on an E150?

Post #2 by rbohm » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:28 pm

ok two things, one i believe that you would have to swap spindles to the E250 spindles, and two you would have eight lug wheels instead of five lug wheels. you can upgrade the pads on the E150 brakes though, run something like ebc pads, i think the yellow stuff pads, but check with EBC to be sure what is best for towing.
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Re: E250 brakes on an E150?

Post #3 by mwilliamshs » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:28 pm

Old thread but here's some legit info for future searchers.

Re: swapping spindles, E-150 kingpins measure 0.8593 in x 6.670 in while E-250 kingpins are 1.0540 in X 6.685 in so that won't work.

It's widely held to be likely but yet unproven so far as I know that front suspensions: radius arms, axle beams, springs, and swaybars can be swapped directly, bolt for bolt. Swapping steering linkage would also be required to match tie-rod holes in the spindles but pitman arms fit all models so just tie rod ends, adjusting sleeves, and center link would be needed. This swap would allow fitment of the larger rotors and calipers of the higher GVWR models to the E-150, which means changing the master cylinder would be advised as their bores differ by 1/16". Changing flexible brake lines is also advisable and/or required (unknown) along with banjo bolts.

If you found a E-250/350 with all good components the swap would be simple but without a cheap donor in exceptional condition, expect it to cost several hundred bucks.

I thought I was headed for the same swap but replaced all my flexible hoses (had a weeper), a leaking rear wheel cylinder, and put in new pads on freshly surfaced rotors and now even slightly over my GVWR (hauling 3 motorcycles) my van will stop QUITE confidently. If I get even heavier I'll end up swapping rear axles to cope with it and at that time I'll either have to swap front ends anyway to match the 8-lug bolt pattern, or explore a rotor swap for the front that I think will work. Haven't measure bearing spacing yet but 1980-1986 RWD F-250 trucks with the lighter GVW package and single-piston front brake calipers share both inner and outer wheel bearings with our E-150s. If the bearing spacing is the same, that allows a bolt-on swap from 5 lug to 8 just by changing rotors (and having the rotor's outer diameter turned down a half-inch or so). Even if you paid the parts store $20/rotor for the turning, that's ~$100 in parts vs ~$1000. This would give little to no change in brake performance, it's just a means of getting 8 lug wheels to fit all 4 corners.
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