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spare intake thinking of trying to mock up some phenolic

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spare intake thinking of trying to mock up some phenolic

Post #1 by jjona5 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:36 am

Since these engines supposedly have high fuel pressure to compensate for possible vapor lock due to high intake and injector temperatures, I was thinking about mocking up a phenolic plenum spacer and modify the intake to accept phenolic inserts for the injectors to reduce their temperature. Any thoughts? I found a cheap source of 4 hole injectors and figured I could possibly help the heat issue while I'm in there.

Thanks in advance,

Also I'm not looking to make crazy hp I'm pretty happy with my truck at the moment. Just trying to resolve some issues. When I pull my engine for a rebuild I plan on sending the exhaust manifolds out to get them coated inside and out along with wrapping them as well. A buddy of mine does thermal coating and I planned on doing the pistons and exhaust ports as well.

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