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Sct pro racer software/ sct x4

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Sct pro racer software/ sct x4

Post #1 by sthorvictor » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:40 am

More of a generic question, hopefully someone has some input and or advice.
To begin I have been using an sct x4 handheld flash tuner/ data logger for the past three to four years to run my turbocharged maf 4.9l eecv. Recently I have been debating heavily to convert to a micro squirt or ms2 stand alone. Or purchase the sct pro racer software to program using the x4.. the data logging is easy enough to use and see what’s going on when it’s uploaded, nothing is real-time of this point I have been remotely tuning, and frankly it’s a pita and not quite perfect. Any small changes are a huge process. Curious if anyone here has ventured Down this path or not? Thanks again!
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Re: Sct pro racer software/ sct x4

Post #2 by Wesman07 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:17 am

I have been looking into my options for quite some time now. The “stinger pimp” is a ms3 box that is already set up to run OBD1 fords. It is a little more pricey than ms3 alone, but should be worth the hassle in my opinion.
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