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Needs Some C4 help

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Needs Some C4 help

Post #1 by Depulse » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:26 am

My daily driver is a 65 Ranchero, 200 w a green dot C4. The C4 is getting tired and is leaking. A friend has a rebuilt 74 C4 with flex plates and torque converter. What would I need to do to use the 74 C4? Would it be a good swap?

I am planning on building a 200, I have most of the hard parts purchase. What year 200 engine would make this easier?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Doug. :hmmm:

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Re: Needs Some C4 help

Post #2 by bubba22349 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:05 am

:hmmm: You forgot to mention what your friends C4 trans was bolted up to (the engine size) without knowing this info I can only give a general answer. All C4's though can be swapped no mater if they were used behind a 6 or V8. Any C4 that was made in 1972 and later has all the best in improvement or redesign that Ford ever did, so yes it's a great swap. Now if your friends was also bolted to a 200 then it maybe a direct swap or you could also look for a 1966 or newer 200 short block for your rebuild. Or if your 200 block is still rebuildable you could keep it by using your current 200 C4's bell housing bolted up to that 1974 C4 case then you would only need to come up with the right matching torque converter and or input shaft to match the possible different spline counts. Hope that's of some help, Good luck :nod:
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Re: Needs Some C4 help

Post #3 by Depulse » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:40 am

Thanks, bubba

That is exactly what I was looking for. The Ranchero is my daily driver so I need to keep the down time to a minimum, so I was going to do a swap. Getting a large log head, 2v conversion, head work, etc. and then pull the package out and put the rebuilt one in.

Great input, Bubba


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Re: Needs Some C4 help

Post #4 by OpelGT+3point3 » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:11 pm

Some of the old torque convertors are getting hard to find. The place I get convertors can't even get new ones for some of the early sixties ford transes. They have to rebuild the original. Now who knows if your green dot trans has the original input shaft. If somebody changed over to the bigger one with bigger drums and pump cover; you're good. Otherwise, does the 74 have a starter ring gear on the convertor? If not, the availability of a large shaft convertor is important. Yours might be able to be rebuilt into a large shaft one, but that takes weeks. I would make sure I had the correct convertor to mate the 74 up before I pulled it apart. Your original might be worn or contaminated. Also, make sure the linkage is the same. Fords are a challenge to change because the big 7/8" nut has to come off from the inside, after the valve body comes off. Tuff to do after it's in the vehicle. You could put the new clutches into the green dot drums, but the piston seals and rings are smaller, so you'd need a seal and ring kit for the early trans. Use the green dot pump cover. Whichever pump front you use, I always put a C6 bushing in it; just make sure the center gear clears it. After you get all the parts mixed up, don't use the later valve body in the early case. One of the 9 bolts has no place to go in the 8 bolt case and you won't have third gear.

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