Borg Warner 1356 oil pump modification

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Borg Warner 1356 oil pump modification

Post #1 by MechRick » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:56 pm

Since this is a common transfer case in Fords, and the failure can be catastrophic, I thought I would outline the problem and a workable fix.
My 1994's case had ~ 200,000 miles on it, including some recent trips to Sacramento CA and Dallas TX. I figured I was on borrowed time.

The (engineering) failure involves the oil pump locating tang, and a cast slot in the magnesium case. The tang wears through the case slot, allowing the pump to spin on the output shaft and not lube the case. It's a failure that gives no outward sign of trouble and will leave you stranded.


A welder and a short section of 5/16" brake line will spread the load over the entire slot.



I'll clean the case up and give it some paint before I bolt it back in.
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Re: Borg Warner 1356 oil pump modification

Post #2 by sdiesel » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:31 am

Thx for this.
I've used a sheet metal screw through the case too.
ur system is cleaner.
it's a wonder the problem has not been solved.
I know that as recently as 06 the engineers had still not addressed this very obvious shortcoming.
by the by, if anyone wants a stout t case, not saying the 1356 is a wimp, but the 4407 bw beats every other case for durability.
and they are quite cheap.
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