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Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

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Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

Post #1 by 62Cometman » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:31 pm

So i considered swapping my 7.25 for a 8 inch ive had sitting around that needs to get finished regardless. I know that the mavericks had a lug 8 inch from the factory but when i try to find info on the drums and brakes they used it keep pooping out the same number for the drum as to what my car uses currently? is that the case wouldnt the drum likely be bigger like a 5 lug 8 inch runs or did they purposely use the smaller setup. Also doesnt that mean that the axle offset of the 4 lug 8 inch is the same as the 7.25? and besides my backing plates not have the right pattern could all of my brake stuff swap too?
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Re: Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

Post #2 by rocklord » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:36 pm

The 4-lug Maverick 8-inch used the same backing plate bolt pattern as the 7.25 rear end.

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Re: Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

Post #3 by powerband » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:00 pm

previous discussion:

The 4 lug Maverick rear is the closest cousin to a bolt in you will find. You will need the later-bigger spring plates and U-Bolts and the Mav's had staggered shox so you may need the "left" plate from a late 60's stang or simply cut and weld the shock tab.

Other than that, I found the earlier brake backing plates are @ .040 undersize for bearing and won't work with the 8" axles.

IThe flexible vent line on the 8" is shorter than on the early axle. The vent/brass junction bolt is smaller also.

I bent the rear brake line longer and extended the brake line hangar @ 2" .

8" rear from 71 MAv in '61 Comet with '71 backing plates and shoes from the '61:


TO keep 4 lug- SIX theme, the '61 uses heavier duty 71 Maverick 4 lug spindles with Scarebird disc swap:


have fun
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Re: Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

Post #4 by frozenrabbit » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:13 am

I swapped '62 Ranchero backing plates and drums to a '71 Maverick 8" without bearing size interference with the backing plates.

When searching for 4 lug drums, look for Maverick 200 6 parts, 250s were 5 lug. Figured that out getting new bearings.

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Re: Maverick 8" 4 lug brake question

Post #5 by rickwrench » Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:59 am

Everything brake related should swap over from your 7.25 onto a Maverick 4 lug 8" axle, except for the vent hose, which will be too short (probably).

Falcon Wagon and Ranchero 4 lug 9" drum rear brake assemblies are much wider then coupe/sedan brakes, but add no extra width to the axle.
coupe/sedan 9x1.5 drum has 42.39 square inches of braking surface, 9x2.25 has 63.59 square inches of braking surface.
Drill the drums, you don't need disks and all that extra unsprung weight.

You'll need new U-bolts, and for shock plates, either heat-n-beat your stock plates flat and redrill, or use V8 Mustang shock plates.
If you run 14" maverick wheels in roundbody year falcons and comets (60-63), the rear wheels will rub when cornering. You will need to roll the fender lip.

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