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Clutch chattering

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Clutch chattering

Post #1 by 62Cometman » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:54 pm

Ok, so i know this has been discussed several times. The early stepped 8.5 flywheels are supposed to have a 1 inch height difference between the pressure place mounting surace and the clutch surface. When i had my flywheel machined thats what it was machined to. Since ive installed it, take off from dead stop it will chatter, which it never did before, lots of you have said thats what its like when it breaks in and bed and it will get better, well since then ive put well over 1500 miles on the clutch and it still does it. And im thinking that the clutch is slipping too much because the step is too high. i have a spare flywheel and pressure plate that i could fool with and see if i can get a rough idea of the distanc between the 2 surfaces i.e the clamping thickness for the clutch but idk what would be considered good or bad? Any ideas or help would be much appreciated
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Re: Clutch chattering

Post #2 by rocklord » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:48 pm

You're correct, on a stock flywheel the step is 1-inch, but that is with every dimension factory original.
If you are using a rebuilt pressure plate, the face was probably resurfaced, causing the gap between the PP face and flywheel to be more.
If the pressure plate's been rebuilt several times, it's probably been resurfaced several times causing an even larger gap. This would reduce the effective clamping force of the pressure plate, maybe enough to cause the chattering.

What you would need to know is the stock measurement from the surface where the pressure plate bolts to the flywheel to the pressure plate face. Then take the same measurement on your pressure plate and machine the difference off the flywheel step.

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