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Trans tag decode

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Blairsville Ed
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Trans tag decode

Post #1 by Blairsville Ed » Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:21 am

I’m looking for a 4 speed od trans that looks like a toploader. Ford used them in the late 70s and early 80s in the trucks and econoline vans. They’re cast iron with the shifters on the side.
They made 2 different gear ratios. I cannot find a way to decode the trans tag to determine which code is the lower gear ratio. The only trans I have seen so far is a RUG CD.
Where could I find this trans code info?

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Re: Trans tag decode

Post #2 by mustang6 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:25 am

These are the 3+1 Toploader "imposter" tags.


I haven't seen any information about two different gear ratios for the Imposters but here are the overall gear ratio comparisons I have used.

Peanut (2.77) 3 speed Ratios (I6): 2.76 1st, 1.69 2nd, 1.00 3rd.
Toploader (3.03) 3 speed Ratios (I6): 3.29 1st, 1.83 2nd, 1.00 3rd.
Toploader (3.03) 3 speed Ratios (V8): 2.99 1st, 1.75 2nd, 1.00 3rd, 3.17 Rev.
Toploader 4 speed Wide Ratios: 2.78 1st, 1.93 2nd, 1.36 3rd, 1.00 4th, and 2.78 Rev.
Toploader 4 speed Close Ratios: 2.32 1st, 1.69 2nd, 1.29 3rd, 1.00 4th, and 2.32 Rev.
Overdrive Toploader Ratios: 3.29 1st, 1.84 2nd, 1.00 3rd, .81 4th, and 3.29 Rev.
Typical V-8 T-5 Ratios: 3.35 1st, 1.99 2nd, 1.33 3rd, 1.00 4th, 0.68 5th, and 3.15 Rev.
Typical 4 cyl T-5 Ratios: 3.97 1st, 2.34 2nd, 1.46 3rd, 1.00 4th, 0.79 5th, and 3.70 Rev.

68 Mustang 200 ci, Aussie 250-2V head, Dual Headers, Comp Cams 252H, DSII w/MSD 6AL, T-5, V8 suspension.

65 Ranchero 200 ci, late 170 head, Autolite 1101, 3.03 3 speed, Maverick 8" 4 lug rear with 3.55 gears.

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