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2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

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2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

Post #1 by Ralfchero » Sat Jul 27, 2019 8:04 pm

Been lurkin here while i'm working on my 62 Ranchero, 170/2.77 3on the tree. I picked up a belhousing from a 65 Econoline with a 3.03 trans and noticed that it has the same bolt pattern as my toploader I have from a parts car, only difference is that the input shaft on the 4 speed is about 1/2" longer that the Econoline trans, tried to find a spacer from Modern driveline and American powertrain with no luck. So I guess my question is should I just make a spacer between the trans and belhousing, or is there someone else who makes one, not interested in t-5 swap at the moment. Thanks for any sugestions

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Re: 2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

Post #2 by mustang6 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:06 am

A spacer might be the way to go if it doesn't mess up other stuff like the throwout bearing coming off the end of the front bearing retainer, etc. My Ranchero had a 3.03 speed in it when I got it (same as the toploader) and the previous owner had done the conversion you are contemplating but he shortened the input shaft. It looked like he did it all with a grinder so it was a bit crude, but it did work. If he would have had a machine shop do it, it could have been flawless. If a spacer works it may be easier...

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Re: 2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

Post #3 by Ralfchero » Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:31 am

Thanks for the reply,may have found a spacer @ Modern Driveline, will call tomorrow to see if it the correct one I need. Thought about cutting input shaft , done it on old VW bus conversions.

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Re: 2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

Post #4 by drag-200stang » Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:16 am

Measure and mock it up it may not be a has different length pilot bearings that may work.
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Re: 2.77 to 4 speed toploader swap

Post #5 by frozenrabbit » Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:25 am

I have the same set up with a '63 170, econoline bell, and 3 speed toploader.

I had my input shaft machined I believe 3/8", it's been a year or two. Measured input shaft stick out on 2.77 with the bell bolted to the trans and the difference on the 3.03 shaft stick out. The 2.77 and the econoline bells are the same depth.

Major issue finding a 8-1/2" clutch disk with 1-1/16" 10t.

Using a clutch disc for an '84 Capri, 2300, but had to machine down the material around the shaft hole as it is thicker than the 2.77 disc.

The Capri disc friction material is thicker than a 2.77 disc, may be an issue, I had to add 1/16" spacers behind the pressure plate to correct engagement.

You will also need to modify the clutch Z-bar. I haven't done this yet, but someone has a post that they moved the arm to the trans back 1" and up 1-1/2".

Using a pilot bearing for a '67 200, correct inside and outside diameter for the swap.

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