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Powder coating

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Powder coating

Post #1 by CoupeBoy » Thu Dec 17, 2015 6:34 pm

Has anybody done it?
Recently I picked up a spare oven from my neighbor, so now I need to buy a gun setup.

As always, I started by looking at Harbor Freight
Powder Coating System $65.99
but I have read that it is money well spent to upgrade to the Eastwood gun

Single Voltage
Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun Item #10198 $99.99
Or the Dual Voltage
Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Powder Coating Gun Item #11676 $99.99 (currently on sale from $159.99)

thoughts? hints? best places to buy powder coat? Is there any brand better than another?
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Re: Powder coating

Post #2 by CoupeBoy » Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:49 am

I ordered the Eastwood dual voltage unit, I figured for the price difference ($30) going with a major name brand that has the dual settings should be a good bet.

Eventually I will order a pound of Dark Ford Blue powder coat from here.
FORD DARK BLUE Item: PSB-4624 -- $11.95
I didn't today because I have no idea how much to order, their tech support said 1lb covers 30sq/ft. Their shipping is always automatically defaulted to 1 day shipping, and would have been $13.95, she said the shipping stays the same up to 10lbs.

I think I will get some black locally, get the feel of how things work, how much of a mess I make, how much I waste and then order from online.

Now to ponder a sand blast cabinet for a day or two... my tiny air compressor really isn't big enough for the sand blast cabinet, but I figure I have to get one or the other first... :rolflmao:
Abrasive Blast Cabinet - Harbor Freight $189.99 (on sale I think)

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